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  1. reversals
    China Ends One-Child PolicyChinese families can now have two kids.
  2. equal rites
    Watch Al Franken Shred Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery on Marriage-Equality Deceit“I frankly don’t really know how we can trust the rest of your testimony if you are reading studies these ways.”
  3. sad things that turn into happy things
    Woman Kidnapped As a Child Reunited With Family After 23 YearsThis is not a story you hear every day.
  4. the most important people in the world
    Alexa Ray Joel Still Struggles“I can’t compare to my mother.”
  5. family
    At Least George W. Bush’s Parents Liked His BookYou can (generally) count on your parents to tell Larry King they’re proud of you.
  6. photo op
    Kim Jong Un Ponders His Future“Dude, I’m in totally over my head.”
  7. balls of fury
    ‘You Are My Son and You Came From My Balls and You Should Have Known Better’Ouch! Also, ew.
  8. early and often
    Will McCain’s Surrogates Bring Up Barack Obama’s Destitute Kenyan Brother?Italian ‘Vanity Fair’ recently tracked down the candidate’s youngest half-brother outside of Nairobi, and learned that he lives on less than a dollar a month and sometimes has to fight for his own safety. Who wants to chat that up on Fox News?
  9. in other news
    Unsurprising Development of the Day No. 2 — Patricia Duff Blames Ex Ron Perelman for Daughter’s ComplaintsShe accuses the billionaire Revlon chairman of spoiling his daughter to make her like him.
  10. intel
    Brooklyn Parents Leave It All BehindA Bed-Stuy family is shedding their belongings and embarking on an unusual journey.
  11. intel
    It’s Not Easy Being a Condé NastWhat you might sometimes forget amid all the talk about anorexic assistants and Graydon Carter and Frank Gehry cafeterias and Anna Wintour is that once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a real, live man named Condé Nast. Condé was born in Paris, and he started the magazine company that bears his name. He also, as it turns out, has descendents (and they’re not the Newhouses), as an editor we know discovered when browsing Wikipedia today: Jamie Isaac Conde Nast (born August 11, 1986, in Los Angeles CA) son of Rickard Joe Conde, CEO and chairman of Conde Systems, a prominent graphic designing company, is also an heir to part of the Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (CNP) fortune. He currently lives in Bel Air (Beverly Hills) CA, and goes by the name of Jamie Isaac Conde. Jamie appeared on the cover of LA Youth, a newspaper by and about Los Angeles teens, posing for an article titled, Born Rich. He also talked about his not-so-perfect life in Gunstories, a book about teens and their experience with gun violence, written by Beth Atkin…. He is the great great grandson of Conde Montrose Nast, publisher of such magazines as Vogue (1909-1959), House & Garden (1909-1959), and other titles. Is it actually for real? The guy who found it suspects yes. Plus, would Wikipedia lie to us? Jamie Isaac Conde [Wikipedia]
  12. autosummary
    Aoki Family Feud Here’s our not-quite-automated guide to New York’s feature stories. In “Rocky’s Family Horror Show,” Logan Hill looks at “Rocky” Aoki, the Benihana entrepreneur, and his kaleidoscopic mess of a family. Keywords: Money; mistresses; Hawaii Five-O; saketini; money; insider trading; Japanese food; money. The details: Rocky Aoki, a man whose over-the-top gaudiness makes Donald Trump look like Martha Stewart, built an empire out of cheesy eateries that peddle Japanese cuisine as a knife-twirling minstrel show. Now four of his six kids are trying to wrest control of the business from him, he’s suing them, and all of it unfolds among some of the kitschiest furnishings you’ll ever see. Crucial quote: “Before his accident, Rocky boasts, he had ‘three kids from three different women at exactly the same time’ — though he only found out about the third via a paternity suit.” Takeaway: When you raise your spawn like Rocky did — encouraging greed and competition and openly picking favorites — do not be surprised when the kiddies start feuding with each other. Or even sharpening knives for you. Read the full article here — and the full issue here.