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Family Matters

  1. family matters
    President Trump May Be Secretly Undermining Jared and Ivanka, TooHe reportedly asked his chief of staff to help push them out of the White House — a smart (yet bizarre) move.
  2. family matters
    The ‘White House Official’ Under FBI Scrutiny Is, in Fact, Jared KushnerAs suggested last week, sources say he’s the new person of interest in the Russia probe.
  3. family matters
    Rand Paul’s Son Arrested for Underage Drinking As Dad Mulls White House RunThe 19-year-old was drunk at a Charlotte, N.C. airport.
  4. family matters
    Adoptions by Same-Sex Couples Rapidly RisingNineteen percent of same-sex couples raising children report having an adopted child.
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    How to Be ‘Popular’ on FacebookThe secret to making more “friends”