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    Gamemaster Anthony, Crossover Fanfic Legend, Reviews Ready Player OneThe fourth wall has shattered …
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    Is President Trump Tweeting About Sonic the Hedgehog’s Chaos Emeralds?The president denies “chaos” in the White House, while Obama chuckles.
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    Ice Dancers Moir and Virtue Have the Fan-Fiction World Feeling Real HornyThe Canadian duo took gold in Pyeongchang and inspired a whole lot of good smut online.
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    The Best New Star Wars Fan Fiction, From Pregnant Kylo Ren to Droid SlashAll the droid-on-droid action you didn’t know you needed.
  5. Force Awakens Ship Power Rankings“Reylo” is apparently a thing.
  6. U.K. Tabloids Publish Tumblr Lesbian Fan Fiction As a Real News StoryWhat happens when a fictional text exchange between two CW characters goes viral?
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    The International Bill of Human Rights, According to Martin O’MalleyIncluding Wi-Fi.
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    Newsweek, a Leading Weekly Journal of Fan Fiction, Checks In With Princess Diana at 50Tina Brown has maintained the gift of a vivid imagination well into adulthood.
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    Lloyd Blankfein’s Christmas WishThe Goldman Sachs CEO and his spokesman share a moment.