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    You Can’t Appease Sonic FansDon’t do this.
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    Why ‘Fortnite,’ the Hottest Game in the World, Is a Dud on TumblrThe hit game placed 30th on the social network’s year-end rankings.
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    It Might Be Impossible to Be an Ethical Sports FanWhat should we do when good players are bad people?
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    Let’s Try to Explain Why Cartoon Fans Rioted at McDonald’s Over SauceIt’s even dumber than you think.
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    Unsuspecting Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Local Furry ConventionShe had no idea what a furry was before walking through the door.
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    The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists AfloatHow furries became the Medicis of digital illustration.
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    How Alan Rickman Won Over Harry Potter FansIn the LiveJournal Harry Potter fandom community, the consensus was that Rickman was a terrible choice for Severus Snape. We were so wrong.
  8. The Stan Confessions Is a Great TumblrEverything has a stan.
  9. How ‘Life Is Strange’ Built a Video-Game Romance for the Tumblr EraThe hottest ship since Cloud and Aeris.