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    What Might the Far West Side Look Like? See the Planners’ First Sketches Mayor Bloomberg may not have gotten his Jets stadium on the Far West Side of Manhattan, but some sort of development over the MTA’s Hudson Yards is on its way. The state-city Hudson Yards Development Corporation has set preliminary guidelines for land use and open space on the site, and by the end of the month, the MTA will start soliciting proposals from developers for the massive property. We got hold of sketches HYDC showed to neighborhood leaders this spring (they’re all after the jump), depicting what the area might look like after its completion; they show a possible Logan’s Run–ish skyline, key crossings with and without the High Line in place, and a flicker of the questions likely to dominate public debate. How many parking spaces? How many affordable apartments? How tall? What kind of parks? The general public gets its first say in what’s promised to be a long review process at a joint community board–HYDC meeting Tuesday night. Study up. —Alec Appelbaum