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  1. politics
    With New SNAP Work Requirements Removed, We May Finally Get a Farm BillThe previous farm bill expired in October and lawmakers were at an impasse over a House Republican push to restrict access to food stamps.
  2. Senate Clears Farm Bill, Setting Up Fight With House GOP Over SNAPDonald Trump is the tiebreaker, and while he’s demagogued about SNAP work requirements, he’s not threatening a veto if they are missing.
  3. GOP Likely to Sneak Cuts to Food Stamps Through the House This WeekThere are still ongoing fights over SNAP work requirements and farm subsidy limits, but one obstacle to the farm bill has fallen.
  4. House GOP Factions Playing Chicken With Immigration, Farm BillPaul Ryan is caught in the middle as the House Freedom Caucus and key GOP moderates push conflicting paths on immigration bills.
  5. Farm Bill Defeated in House Over Food Stamp and Immigration IssuesHouse GOP lost Democratic Farm Bill votes by insisting on new SNAP work requirements. Then conservatives took it hostage over an immigration fight.
  6. Trump Demands More Stringent Work Requirements for Food Stamps RecipientsIt’s a great way for Trump to demagogue about shiftless welfare bums without actually making major changes in a popular program.
  7. Moby Has a Take on Food Stamps — and It’s JunkThe vegan electronic musician’s liberal paternalism doesn’t have me SNAPping my fingers.
  8. the national interest
    Republicans: We Were Too Nice to the Hungry, But We’ve Fixed ThatToday in social Darwinism.
  9. the national interest
    House Republicans Pass Bloated Socialist MonstrositySocialism for me but not for thee.
  10. the national interest
    ‘Welfare Policy on the Backs of Farmers’The tea party finds a new class of “makers.”
  11. the national interest
    House Republicans Hate Poor Too Much to End Farm SocialismAgri-socialism meets Paul Ryanism, insanity results.