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  1. fauxtrage
    Laura Ingraham Has the World’s Worst ImaginationShe can’t even imagine what people would say if Fox News hosts met with President Bush, which is something that happened.
  2. Ann Romney Laughed at De Niro’s First Lady JokeAnn Romney is not a robot.
  3. fauxtrage
    Robert De Niro Tells Least Offensive Joke EverAnd everyone is sooo offended.
  4. fauxtrage
    Nobody Liked Groupon’s Super Bowl Commercials, Least of All ChinaThe people of Tibet probably weren’t too hot on it, either.
  5. fauxtrage
    Michelle Obama Taints Entire ElectionShe was caught electioneering in a polling place.
  6. fauxtrage
    John Boehner Wants Paul McCartney to Apologize for Cracking the 10 Millionth Bush JokeOne that wasn’t even factually accurate!