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  1. our national nightmare is over
    The Beginning of the End of RobocallsBy the end of 2019, spam phone calls could be on the ropes.
  2. spam phone calls
    FCC Says Carriers Have Until 2019 to Stop RobocallsThe FCC is just as sick and tired of constant spam calls as you are.
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    Justice Department Sues California Over Net-Neutrality LawJeff Sessions was ready and waiting.
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    How New FCC Rollbacks Could Cut Off Rural Americans From the InternetNearly 24 percent of all rural Americans reported major barriers to high-speed internet access.
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    Targeted ‘Attack’ on FCC Was Just John Oliver FansThe FCC inspector general disputes a previous claim about a DDoS attack.
  6. FCC Throws Wrench Into Sinclair Media MegadealIt once seemed inevitable that the conservative juggernaut would further its local news reach, but no longer.
  7. Local News Is Turning Into Trump TV, Even Though Their Viewers Don’t Want ItAmericans prefer unbiased local news. But media consolidation makes it profitable for stations to broadcast biased national news, anyway.
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    Harlem Shake Creator Is ‘Taking Action’ Against FCC Chairman for His Awful VideoFCC chairman Ajit Pai used Harlem Shake in an anti-net-neutrality video earlier this week.
  9. Fake Americans Dominated the Net-Neutrality DebateBots inundated the FCC with anti-net-neutrality comments. And the Trump administration is hampering an investigation into how that happened.
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    The Fight Over Net Neutrality Is a Protection RacketNice internet you have there — a shame if something happened to it.
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    Without Net Neutrality, What Happens to My Netflix?It’s net neutrality versus Netflix, and you’ll be the loser.
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    Here’s How the FCC Plans to Ruin the Open InternetA big win for telecom and a huge loss for everyone else.
  13. Trump’s FCC Clears the Way for Big Players to Dominate Local NewsFor the first time since 1975, a right-wing billionaire can now own a newspaper and a TV station in the same media market.
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    GAO to Investigate Fishy Claims That FCC Comment System Was ‘Hacked’The public was supposed to deliver feedback on net-neutrality rollbacks when the weirdest thing happened: The FCC got hacked!
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    FCC Asks Apple to Activate FM Radio Chip That Doesn’t ExistThe secret FM radio in your phone could save your life. If Apple will turn it on.
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    Steve Bannon Has a Good Idea, Not That He’s Going to Do Anything About ItHow else do you stop the globalist Facebook conspiracy?
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    Net-Neutrality Protests Result in Millions of Comments to the GovernmentThe FCC and Congress have a lot of reading to do.
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    The Free, Open Internet Is Doomed for the Foreseeable FutureWhy raise your voice when nobody is willing to listen?
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    FCC Begins Effort to Let Your Cable Company Screw YouThe commission opened debate on rolling back consumer protections.
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    Bots Are Fighting for Control of the FCC’s Comments SectionSomeone’s using the names and addresses of real people to flood the zone against net neutrality.
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    It’s Time for a Grassroots Movement Toward Better Online PrivacyCongress won’t fight for you. Corporations won’t protect you. It’s only going to get worse.
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    FCC Shifts Broadband-Subsidy Oversight to States Incapable of Handling ItIt’s a move that benefits monopolies and punishes smaller ISPs.
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    GOP Senator Wants to Let Your ISP Sell Your Info to Advertisers AgainAnother consumer protection could quickly get rolled back under the new Washington regime.
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    The FCC Blocks 9 ISPs From Providing Broadband Access to the PoorThe FCC wants to cut back on government programs that increase access.
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    The Mobile Emergency-Alert System Is Getting an UpgradeThe character limit will quadruple, for more precise messages.
  26. the internet
    The FCC Wants to Let Us Choose What the Internet Knows About UsEver wonder why you get travel ads after you visit Expedia.com?
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    FCC Proposes Internet Subsidy for Low-Income HouseholdsThe internet is now a necessity, not a luxury.
  28. How Net Neutrality, Unloved by Very Powerful People, Made ItWhy did the Obama administration go net-neutrality crazy last fall? 
  29. FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, and Broadband Companies Are MiffedVerizon protests with Morse code and typewriters. 
  30. ink-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Waiting Around for Rules to Change Before Buying More NewspapersThe FCC is taking forever.
  31. holdovers
    The Fairness Doctrine Is Off the BooksThe FCC finally vanquishes the ghost of “balanced discussion.”
  32. early and often
    The Former Heads of the FCC and FHA Will Soon Be Lobbying for the Industries They RegulatedD.C.’s revolving door and the “Mercedes divide.”
  33. the future is coming
    Apple Finally Lets Google Voice on the iPhoneAnd it only took sixteen months!
  34. the future is coming
    Government Speeds Up Review of Comcast-NBC MergerThey may put some limits on Comcast, but they won’t stop the deal.
  35. little brother is watching
    Has Google Street View Been Up to No Good?Feds investigate whether the search giant swept up confidential information from unprotected wireless networks.
  36. broadcast wars
    Fox Rebuffs FCC’s Offer to Mediate in Cablevision SpatYou could lose your Fox 5 tomorrow morning!
  37. early and often
    Obama to Name FCC ChairJulius Genachowski, a former Harvard classmate of the president’s, is likely to get the job, according to reports.
  38. in other news
    New York Media Still Grieving Over Sue Simmons’s F-BombThe print media can’t stop writing about it. It’s almost as if thousands of people DIDN’T die in China this week.
  39. in other news
    FCC Decency Case Goes Meta Good: People like Cher swearing on live television. Better: A gaggle of Fox and FCC attorneys arguing, at New York’s U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday, about guidelines for fining networks that allow people like Cher to swear on live television — and using plenty of examples. Mind-Blowingly Fucking Brilliant: C-SPAN airing said argument live. (Cable networks aren’t governed by the same rules as over-the-air broadcasts.) F-bombs Away at FCC Wrangle [NYDN]