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  1. covid vaccines
    Johnson & Johnson Must Toss 60 Million Vaccine Doses Made at Troubled PlantOnly ten million J&J doses produced by Emergent BioSolutions’ Baltimore facility have been cleared for use.
  2. covid-19
    Moderna Says COVID-19 Shot Is 100 Percent Effective in TeensIt looks like a second shot will be ready for kids before the next school year.
  3. covid-19
    FDA Set to Authorize Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Adolescents: ReportKids aged 12-15 could be able to start getting the shot next week.
  4. smoking
    FDA Moves to Ban Menthol Cigarettes NationwideThe agency points to the particular harm they cause among Black consumers.
  5. covid-19
    U.S. Resumes Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID VaccineThe FDA and CDC have lifted their pause of the one-shot vaccine after an extensive safety review regarding a very rare blood clot risk.
  6. covid vaccines
    J&J Takes Over Plant Where Contractor Error Led to Loss of 15M Vaccine DosesNew reports detail past batches of discarded vaccines and doubts that Johnson & Johnson can correct the course at the plant in Baltimore.
  7. liveblog
    Pfizer, Trump Administration Reach Deal for More Doses: Live UpdatesThere will now be enough vaccine for at least 200 million Americans by the end of July.
  8. tomorrow
    We Had the Vaccine the Whole TimeThe silver bullet we’ve been waiting for took all of one weekend to design.
  9. coronavirus
    The FDA Has Approved a Coronavirus Vaccine for Phase Two TrialThe company says it could start phase three this summer and bring a vaccine to market by early 2021.
  10. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: We Can’t Go on Like This Much LongerThe psychological damage from the deeply unnatural way of life under coronavirus lockdown is only going to intensify.
  11. vaping
    Vape Safety Requires Legalizing MarijuanaIf the government wants to be serious about ensuring consumer safety, it’s the only way.
  12. government shutdown
    The FDA Can’t Do Its Job During the ShutdownAlmost all domestic food inspections have been suspended.
  13. e-cigarettes
    Teens Will Soon Need to Ask a Cool Older Friend to Buy Them E-CigarettesThe FDA announced sweeping new rules for the previously unregulated industry today.
  14. Odom Reportedly Suffered Brain Damage, StrokeHe remains on life support.
  15. equal rights
    Trinity Church on Wall Street to Host ‘Gay Blood’ ArtworkArtist protests the FDA’s ban on gay men donating blood if they haven’t been celibate for a year.
  16. the gays
    Gay Men React to the FDA’s Proposed Blood-Donation GuidelinesThey’re, erm … less than happy.
  17. debates
    Why Banning Gay Men From Donating Blood Is Dumb and WrongRather than singling out one group, all those who engage in at-risk behavior should be scrutinized. 
  18. nanny state
    Now the FDA Will Count Calories for You*In chains with 20 locations or more
  19. smokin’!
    The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on E-CigarettesIt’s banning sales to minors, adding warnings, and requiring product approval.
  20. reproductive rights
    U.S. Appeals Ruling Making Plan B Universally AvailableObama scores points with anti-abortion groups.
  21. reproductive rights
    Morning After Pill Now Slightly More AvailableBut not as much as a judge ruled it should be.
  22. smokin’!
    Government Gives Up on Horrifying Cigarette Warning LabelsEnjoy a cigarette without having to stare at the possible consequences.
  23. health
    FDA Panel Votes to Approve Home HIV Test KitIt would be sold over the counter.
  24. free speech
    FDA’s Imposition of Horrifying Labels on Cigarette Packages Ruled UnconstitutionalIt was ruled a free-speech violation.
  25. drug shortages
    ADHD Drug Shortages are ArtificialFDA says supply problems are due to relationship between DEA and manufacturers.
  26. smokin’!
    Cigarette Packs Won’t Look Gross Just YetFederal judge sides with big tobacco over FDA.
  27. smokin’!
    Big Tobacco Suing Government Over New FDA WarningsThey say the labels limit free speech.
  28. smokin’!
    FDA Unveils Disgusting Cigarette Warning LabelsTry to smoke with this in your face.
  29. photo op
    FDA’s Proposed Warning Labels Make Cigarettes Look Like HeroinThey’re pretty graphic.