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  1. politics
    It Took 157 Years, But New York Has a Female Fire CommissionerMayor Eric Adams officially appointed Laura Kavanagh, who has been serving as the interim fire commissioner since February.
  2. the city politic
    The Horror That Continues to Haunt Our CityTreating New Yorkers with serious mental illness is one of the only ways we can prevent tragedies like the murder of FDNY Lt. Alison Russo-Elling.
  3. disaster
    What We Know About the Deadly Bronx Apartment-Building FireDoors that did not self-close as they were supposed to appear to have played a primary role in allowing thick smoke to fill the building.
  4. covid-19
    Thousands of NYC First Responders Are Out Sick Amid Omicron SurgeThe latest wave is straining the NYPD and FDNY, with 17 percent of cops and firefighters calling out due to illness earlier this week.
  5. new york city
    NYC Vaccine Mandate: 9,000 City Workers Put on Unpaid LeaveAnother 12,000 unvaccinated city employees have applied for exemptions to the mandate. 18 FDNY companies are out of service amid an alleged sick-out.
  6. horrible things
    EMT Killed in the Bronx After Man Steals Her Ambulance, Runs Her OverYadira Arroyo, a 14-year FDNY veteran, was responding to a call in the Bronx.
  7. FDNY Bans Trump Photos, Shirts, and Masks From FirehousesA firetruck driving around Brooklyn with a Trump mask on its grill sparked citizen complaints.
  8. Firefighter Killed After Possible Drug Den Explodes in the BronxMore than ten people were injured.
  9. obit
    Nicholas Scoppetta, FDNY Fire Commissioner in Years After 9/11, Dies at 83He served in the position from 2002 to 2010.
  10. Jury Awards $183 Million to ‘Black Sunday’ FiremenEighty percent of the blame is being placed on the city.
  11. crime
    6-Hour Standoff in Staten Island Is Now OverThe shooter is reportedly dead, and a firefighter that was shot twice is in stable condition. 
  12. fires
    It Might Take a Week to Fully Extinguish the Williamsburg Warehouse FireThe blaze started on Saturday morning.
  13. fires
    FDNY Fighting Massive Fire in Williamsburg [Updated]The blaze has engulfed a building on the Williamsburg waterfront.
  14. puppies!!!!!!
    The Snowstorm Led to the Rescue of a Lost PuppyThanks to a member of the FDNY. 
  15. portraits
    Meet the 4 Women Who Will Join the FDNY This YearOut of the 286 “probies” who graduated from the academy.
  16. new york’s finest
    EMTs Say They Stopped Cops From Punching PatientThe cops seem to have lost it when the patient spit at them.
  17. sad things
    Firefighter Dies in Williamsburg BlazeLieutenant Gordon Matthew Ambelas had been with the FDNY for 14 years.
  18. very sad things
    At Least 34 Injured in Huge Staten Island FireA few heroes among them. 
  19. very sad things
    911 Dispatchers Suspended Over Delayed Response to Deadly FireAn ambulance did not arrive on the scene until 21 minutes after the first 911 call.
  20. very sad things
    FDNY Looking Into Slow Response to Deadly Far Rockaway FireIt took 21 minutes for EMS teams to arrive.
  21. fires
    Two NYPD Officers Injured in Williamsburg FireLess than a week after the same thing happened on Coney Island. 
  22. rivalries
    A Recent History of NYPD-FDNY BeefA look back after Sunday’s hockey brawl.
  23. crazy things
    Video: FDNY and NYPD Get Into Hockey BrawlEverybody loses!
  24. literal party crashing
    Soho Repertory Gala Evacuated After Building’s Support Beam CrackedThe FDNY had to break up the party.
  25. neighborhood news
    Firefighters Spent All Night Battling Greenpoint BlazeThe four-alarm fire lasted from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  26. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio Settles FDNY Discrimination Suit for $98 MillionThe third leftover Bloomberg lawsuit he’s settled so far.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Angry Boyfriend Sets Fire to Brooklyn Apartment Full of Sleeping ChildrenThey all survived.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Retired NYPD and FDNY Faked Mental IllnessTo the tune of $2.5 million.
  29. new york’s bravest
    The FDNY Lost Its Photo-Taking PrivilegesThey do have a tendency to embarrass themselves on social media.
  30. the post-racial world
    The FDNY Mailed a Bill to ‘Unknown Asian’ How did this happen?
  31. good news
    The FDNY Got Its Most Diverse Recruit Class EverMore than 60 percent minorities.
  32. sad things
    Bronx Apartment Fire Kills Three Young Children [Updated]The Friday night blaze is preliminarily being blamed on candles.
  33. rescues
    Two People Had to Be Rescued From New York Waters YesterdayStranded jet skiers and a more bizarre incident.
  34. emergencies
    The 911 System Froze a Couple More Times on WednesdayIt keeps doing that.
  35. emergencies
    It’s Been a Bad Day for Ambulance Response TimesA baby died, and a 96-year-old woman waited an hour.
  36. emergencies
    The FDNY’s Emergency Dispatch System Kept Freezing TodayThis should put your own work-computer problems in perspective.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    Firefighter Arrested for Attacking Cop Even after he knew his victim was a member of the NYPD.
  38. impending disasters
    The Ooze or Something Like It Is Finally Coming for BrooklynFDNY: “A LARGE AMOUNT OF A THICK UNKNOWN SUBSTANCE ARISING FROM THE STREET.”
  39. good things
    FDNY Emergency Dispatch Deserving of Praise One worker stayed on the phone with a stroke victim for almost eight hours.
  40. bad ideas
    Man Mails White Powder, InnocentlyOops.
  41. kaboom
    Watch Governors Island’s Tallest Building Implode It took just twenty seconds.
  42. rivalries
    The FDNY Totally Laughed at the Cop Stuck in a Tree Before Helping Him Down“They all gathered around and laughed at him.”
  43. rivalries
    A Very Emasculating Thing Happened to the NYPD TodayAn officer got stuck in a tree and had to be rescued by the FDNY. 
  44. pranks
    No, a Firefighter Is Not Giving Away His Mini-Horse on CraigslistIt’s a prank.
  45. the internet
    Still More FDNY Employees Caught Being Horrible on Social MediaLike fish in a barrel.
  46. the internet
    Latest FDNY Twitter Racist Keeps Job for NowHe’s suspended for 30 days.
  47. Racist FDNY Employees Still Posting Racist Things on Twitter Despite last week’s firing of Joe Cassano for doing just that.
  48. the internet
    FDNY Heir Really Outdid Himself With the Racist Tweets [Updated]And sexist, and anti-Semitic …
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    Firefighters Rescue Woman From Horrible Meat-Cleaver AttackThe victim’s husband went after her on the street in Chinatown.
  50. safety first
    Fewer New Yorkers Are Dying in Fires Than EverCombined with a record-low homicide rate, 2012 was a good year for safety.
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