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Fears Come True

  1. scary things
    NYC’s Fear of a Falling A.C. Unit ReignitedIt happened again! (She survived.)
  2. fears we didn’t even know we had come true
    Man Demonstrates ‘Ratmouth’ on the Subway for All to SeeIt’s even worse than you imagine.
  3. fears come true
    Lone Man Fights Back Against Subway Rat InvasionWith a newspaper — and fearlessness.
  4. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Thought Subway Would Be a Good Place to Share a Plate of Pasta With His RatNo! No, no, no, no!
  5. terrible things
    The L Train Killed a Man in Brooklyn YesterdayAt the Halsey Street stop in Bushwick.
  6. fears come true
    What to Do If You Find a Rat in Your ToiletRuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  7. fears come true
    Homeless Man Awakened on Subway by Rat Crawling on His FaceWelcome to our worst nightmare.
  8. fears come true
    Man Falls Between Subway and Platform in Union Square, Gets Pinned by HydraulicsThis is an awful nightmare come true.
  9. fears come true
    Maybe Having an Air Conditioner Fall on Your Head From Six Stories Up Might Not Be So Bad After AllYou might get $21 million for it.
  10. fears come true
    Clown Breaks Reporter’s Face During Halloween Parade in the VillageConsider your fear of clowns validated.
  11. fears come true
    An Air Conditioner Fell Six Stories and Landed on Someone’s HeadThis is the realization of a very specific nightmare.