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  1. the money game
    The Reporter Who Knows What Jerome Powell Is ThinkingOr, at least, that is Nick Timiraos’s reputation in a world where everyone is watching the Fed.
  2. the money game
    It Could Be Years Before America’s Inflation Problem Is Under ControlThe Federal Reserve just raised rates by the most in 28 years, but its power to tame spiraling prices is limited.
  3. economy
    The Economy Is Booming. Why Do Many Americans Think We’re in a Recession?Polling suggests people think recession just means economic trouble. They could get a refresher if the Fed hikes interest rates to combat inflation.
  4. the money game
    This Year’s Economy Will Come Down to Wednesday’s Inflation ReportOne way or another, we’re at the beginning of the end stages of the pandemic-era financial and monetary policies.
  5. the money game
    How Joe Biden Is Deciding Who Will Lead the Federal ReserveWill he replace Jerome Powell with Lael Brainard, the candidate favored by AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and others?
  6. jerome powell
    Fed to Biden: The Money Printer’s Still Got Plenty of InkJerome Powell applauded Congress’s new stimulus package Wednesday, while encouraging it to take further action on “the investment front.”
  7. coronavirus stimulus
    The Fed Gives Democrats the Green Light on Large StimulusThe central bank is worried about Congress stimulating the economy too little, not too much.
  8. austerity
    Republicans Remember to Care About the Deficit at the Worst Possible MomentAfter taking a few years off, Republican austerity warriors are trying to shrink the stimulus bill at the last possible moment and hamstring Biden.
  9. federal reserve
    Trump Finally Pulls Plug on Cain for FedCain pushed back against Senate hostility to his Fed ambitions, but his baggage proved to be all too much.
  10. federal reserve board
    Herman Cain’s Fed Nomination Likely Over Before Trump Even Made ItWith four GOP senators opposed to Herman Cain, who’s yet to be formally nominated, Trump may focus on his other bad idea for the Fed, Stephen Moore.
  11. Trump Bashes Fed for Interest Rate Policy He Once SupportedHe really does not seem to understand that presidents are supposed to shut up about the independent Fed’s policies.
  12. Latest Jobs Report Is a ‘Dream’ for Wall StreetStrong employment growth and low wage growth is just what the doctor ordered for stocks. But a possible trade war still looms.
  13. The 3 Claims Republicans Are Making About Their Tax Bill’s EffectsSome of the good things tax cuts produce are ephemeral; others could backfire.
  14. Good Economic News Triggers Stock-Market PlungeTrump, like his predecessors, is learning that good economic news sometimes quickly produces the opposite.
  15. Federal Reserve Raises Rates, Gives Sunny Economic Forecast for 2018The central bank expects growth to be higher, and unemployment lower, next year than it is already.
  16. Trump Just Handed the Keys to Our Economy to a Sensible Centrist — ProbablyMeet Jerome Powell, the new Federal Reserve chair. His economic views are largely unknown.
  17. July Jobs Report: 2017 Looking Exactly Like 2016It’s becoming monotonous to report, but it’s true: the slow but steady recovery continues, which could help Trump stabilize his shaky popularity.
  18. The U.S. Economy Doesn’t Care Who’s PresidentIn June, there were an impressive 222,000 new jobs created. How much does Trump’s agenda have to do with it?
  19. Fed Raises Interest Rates As Quietly As PossibleIn one of Washington’s strangest rituals, Fed Chair Janet Yellen tried to announce an interest-rate hike without raising any eyebrows.
  20. Is It Trump’s Economy Yet?In January, 227,000 jobs were created. It is of more than passing political importance whether the 44th or 45th president gets credit or blame.
  21. All Quiet on the Economic Front, Which Is Good News for ClintonWith a positive but ho-hum August jobs report, the odds of some election-disrupting economic news occurring before Election Day are low.