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  1. government shutdown
    Federal Workers Are Mad As HellWith little progress to end the partial government shutdown, federal workers are taking to the streets, and the courtroom.
  2. government shutdown
    Feds to Furloughed Workers: Try Bartering for RentThe government suggests workers trade manual labor for a deal on rent.
  3. Trump Issues Executive Orders Making It Easier to Fire Federal WorkersMore tools to aid in the deconstruction of the administrative state.
  4. Trump Budget Expected to Seek Massive Cuts in Federal WorkforceOne expert says employment will drop 1.8 percent in D.C. if the president gets his way.
  5. The GOP Just Gave Congress the Power to Cut the Pay of Individual Civil ServantsHouse Republicans revived an obscure rule that will allow them to cut off funds to any individual federal employee or government program.
  6. D.C.’s Liberal Civil Servants Are Horrified at the Prospect of Life Under TrumpThey are wrestling with the question of whether to quit as an act of conscience, or stay and fight for their values.