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Feisal Abdul Rauf

  1. ground zero mosque mania
    Saudi Billionaire Doesn’t Want a Mosque Near Ground ZeroThe sheikh with ties to both Rupert Murdoch and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says it would be too close to a strip club.
  2. ground zero mosque
    Feisal Abdul Rauf Avoiding New York City Due to Security ConcernsStaying in an “undisclosed location.”
  3. ground zero mosque
    Feisal Abdul Rauf Details His Harrowing Vision for Terror-Victory MosqueIt’s even worse than we could have imagined.
  4. pop quiz
    It’s Time to Play ‘Bush, Obama, or Imam?’Can you tell who said a nice thing about Islam?
  5. ground zero mosque
    Ground Zero Mosque Villain Was a Diplomat for George W. BushHuh, so why is Peter King so outraged about him being a diplomat for the Obama administration?