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  1. climate change
    Biden Doubles FEMA Spending That Prepares for Climate DisastersBiden boosted the agency’s preparatory budget to $1 billion as the U.S. anticipates severe wildfire and hurricane seasons this year.
  2. california wildfires
    Trump Rejects, Then Grants Wildfire Disaster Aid to CaliforniaThe Trump administration first rejected the state’s request for a federal disaster declaration for its September wildfires. It’s still unclear why.
  3. coronavirus
    Pentagon Requests 100,000 Body Bags for Coronavirus Victims: ReportThe request for “Human Remains Pouches” is a harrowing physical reminder of the pandemic’s potential toll.
  4. coronavirus
    Trump Declares National Emergency Over CoronavirusThe declaration opens up $50 billion to help states and localities. Trump also introduced a private-sector partnership to boost testing capacity.
  5. puerto rico
    Tropical Storm Dorian Could Devastate Underfunded Puerto RicoAs Trump moves FEMA money to the Mexican border and the island recovers from Maria, a severe tropical storm could punish Puerto Rico.
  6. california wildfires
    Trump Threatens Literal Scorched-Earth Policy to Punish CaliforniaIn apparent anger at California’s – and Nancy Pelosi’s – resistance to his policies, Trump again talks of cutting off disaster relief for wildfires.
  7. scandals
    FEMA Head’s Unauthorized Travel Cost Taxpayers $151,000Brock Long took government-owned vehicles, driven by government workers, back and forth from Washington, D.C., to North Carolina.
  8. kleptocracy
    Yet Another Trump Official Investigated for Misusing Government Funds on TravelWhat is it with these guys?
  9. the national interest
    President Trump Still Way Too Lazy to Do His JobNews reports continue to convey the president’s aversion to presidenting.
  10. Trump and Pence Praise FEMA, Ignore Puerto RicoDespite the thousands of people who died during and after Hurricane Maria, Trump and Pence are proud of FEMA.
  11. The White House’s Failure in Puerto Rico Was Even Worse Than We KnewFEMA hired a contractor to deliver 30 million meals to Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. It delivered 50,000.
  12. FEMA Offers to Airlift Desperate Puerto Ricans to MainlandIt’s the first time FEMA will attempt to establish an “air bridge” for disaster survivors stuck in shelters.
  13. 7 Big Questions About What Congress Will Do in SeptemberThe big storm in Texas and Louisiana has improved the visibility in Washington — but there’s still a lot to do and little time to do it.
  14. Need for Quick Harvey Funding Could Screw Up Plans for a Huge Fiscal PackageIt initially appeared Harvey funding would be a protective cloak for other must-pass fiscal bills. But with FEMA money running out, the timing’s off.
  15. Disaster Money May Give Congress a Way Out of Its Fiscal CrisisWith disaster funding for Texas becoming the ultimate must-pass legislation, Congress could use it as a way out of September’s fiscal crisis.
  16. Trump’s FEMA Director Doesn’t Seem IncompetentBut Hurricane Harvey will be a difficult test to pass.
  17. the way the wind blows
    Three Years Later, Are We Ready for the Next Sandy?FEMA still hasn’t paid out everybody Sandy wrecked.
  18. fema
    Queens Congressman Has an Easy Fix for Addressing Misallocated Sandy FEMA FundsIt doesn’t involve harassing the ill and the elderly.
  19. very sad things
    FEMA Wants a Superstorm Sandy Refund AlreadyHey, poor people, please return thousands of dollars. Love, FEMA.
  20. talking about the weather
    Tropical Storm Karen Doesn’t Care About the Government ShutdownBut it’s not going to be as bad as it once looked.
  21. fema
    New York Plans a High School of Emergency ManagementHurricane Sandy’s influence at work.
  22. hurricane sandy
    NYC Paying $1 Million for Empty Hotel Rooms After SandyThat’s only a small part of the post-storm housing mess.
  23. hurricane sandy
    FEMA Doesn’t Really Get New York’s Rental MarketGiving people money to rent an apartment only works when there are apartments.
  24. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy Homeless Getting ColdWith winter comes the need for a long-term solution.
  25. How Hurricane Sandy Is Helping ObamaHow his handling of the disaster can help him in the home stretch.
  26. Why Democrats Are Right to Politicize SandyRomney wants to cut FEMA, and the debate over that can’t wait.
  27. brownies
    Most Hated Man in New Orleans Figures Out How to Be Even More HatedHeckuva pick Brownie.
  28. early and awesome
    Larry Summers Is Counting On Geithner to Nudge Him If There’s a HurricaneObama’s economic adviser is reserving his brain power for more important stuff.
  29. the morning line
    Congestion Pricing, Coming Soon to a Midtown Near You! • The mayor will use Earth Day to unveil a barrage of housing, transit, and environmental proposals. In the spotlight today: a charge for drivers to enter midtown, a cabbies’ dream and car commuters’ nightmare. [NYT] • Governor Spitzer is requesting FEMA aid, including disaster unemployment relief, for twelve counties hit hard by the weekend’s nor’easter. New York City is in line for some federal funds as well. [WSTM] • Albany, meantime, is proposing the so-called Paw and Claw Tax (on pet food, natch), with the money going toward shelters. The tax would apply to “dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and birds.” Your ferret is now a bargain. [NYS] • Tom Cruise, whom the Post now dubs “the diminutive Scientologist,” hit Chelsea (an easy joke there) to raise funds for his questionable sauna-and-vitamins program for 9/11 emergency workers. Reporters were banned. [NYP] • And it took two fumbling attempts for the NYPD scuba team to tow the departed Sludgie the Whale from Gowanus to his final resting place in Jersey City. Deadpanned one detective by way of equivocation, “This was my first whale.” [WNBC]