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  1. screen time
    Reddit and the End of Online ‘Community’A standoff between the site and some of its most devoted users exposes an existential dilemma.
  2. madison square garden
    James Dolan’s Latest Villain Move: Hiring a P.I. to Tail His NemesisThe Madison Square Garden owner’s beef with the state liquor board is getting weird.
  3. feuds
    What It’s Like to Be Banned by Elon MuskTwitter’s Thursday-night massacre, by those who lived it.
  4. tremendous content
    The Donald Trump–Elon Musk Feud: A Complete HistoryAfter reinstating Trump’s Twitter account, Musk sided with the U.S. Constitution over the ex-president. Here’s the latest on their chaotic saga.
  5. feuds
    Is Elon Musk a Bad Billionaire Buddy?The Wall Street Journal reports that Musk had an affair with the wife of his longtime friend and fellow billionaire, Google co-founder Sergey Brin.
  6. feuds
    You Can Ignore Elon MuskThe world’s richest man lives rent free in too many people’s heads.
  7. feuds
    Prince Harry Is Lucky Donald Trump Isn’t His GrandparentThe celebrity-obsessed ex-president says the queen should’ve stripped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their titles and refused to let them visit.
  8. feuds
    De Blasio Accuses Cuomo of ‘Bullying’ As Nursing-Home Woes MountLong the junior partner in a fierce rivalry, the mayor seems happy to exploit the governor’s new political vulnerability.
  9. the law
    Inside the Bitter Divorce of Cellino & BarnesBruised egos, gobs of money, and the feud that took down New York’s absurdly ubiquitous accident law firm.
  10. feuds
    Watch Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan Argue Over Whose Fall Was More PatheticStop fighting, you’re both right!
  11. reply guys
    Steve Mnuchin Came for Axl Rose on Twitter, Mixed Up the U.S. and Liberian FlagYes, the American and Liberian flags are quite similar, but … come on.
  12. feuds
    Bill Doesn’t Like Mike: Mayor de Blasio’s War on BloombergHostilities have been rising between the current New York mayor and his predecessor amid Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.
  13. feuds
    ‘Are You Trying to Say I’m Dumb?’ Klobuchar and Buttigieg Get Testy at DebateSenator Klobuchar and Mayor Pete’s feud intensified during the Democratic primary debate in Nevada.
  14. high drama
    Trump v. Pelosi: Anatomy of a FeudA timeline of the president’s ongoing fight with the Speaker of the House
  15. feuds
    The Complete History of President Trump’s Feud With Jeff SessionsThe pair went from donning MAGA hats together to publicly sniping at each other — culminating in a dizzying post-midterms resignation.
  16. Following Trump’s Lead, White House Will Not Apologize for McCain ‘Dying’ RemarkThough Kelly Sadler told Meghan McCain that she’d offer a public mea culpa, and even Republicans are criticizing the White House.
  17. feuds
    It Appears Stephen Miller’s CNN Meltdown Wasn’t Just for ShowJake Tapper suggested he was hamming it up for the president, but Miller reportedly had to be escorted from the studio.
  18. feuds
    Trump Proves He’s Still Got It, Dubs Bannon ‘Sloppy Steve’He may not be fit for the presidency, but he’s got a gift for sophomoric nicknames.
  19. feuds
    Trump Tries to Stop Publication of Wolff Book, Hits Bannon With Cease-and-DesistTrump is threatening to sue the publisher of Michael Wolff’s book and Steve Bannon, but he rarely follows through on these threats.
  20. GOP Senator Bob Corker Won’t Say If Trump Can Be Trusted With Nuclear CodesThe retiring Republican senator from Tennessee, unleashed.
  21. McConnell Responds to Trump’s Phone Banter by Literally Going Silent: Report“Mitch? Are you there?”
  22. White House and McConnell Trade Barbs Over Trumpcare FailureThe Senate Majority Leader suggests Trump’s impatience led to Trumpcare’s defeat. Trump thinks McConnell is just making excuses.
  23. feuds
    Trump Declines to Say He Supports Bannon, Declares, ‘I’m My Own Strategist’Despite reports of a truce with Jared Kushner, the chief strategist may still be on thin ice.
  24. The de Blasio–Cuomo Beef Is No Meek Mill–Drake Feud, Says MayorHe was asked about his relationship with Governor Cuomo on Hot 97’s morning show.
  25. trump white house
    Reports: Newest White House Feud Is Goldman Executives vs. the PopulistsGary Cohn is apparently playing the game of background thrones.
  26. feuds
    A Brief History of John McCain and Rand Paul’s Sick BurnsThe two have been trading pot shots for years.
  27. Mexican President Cancels That Meeting With TrumpThe White House visit is off, and tensions are hitting crisis level.
  28. Nate Silver’s Forecast (Probably) Overstates Trump’s ChancesFiveThirtyEight isn’t “unskewing” polls. But the site’s forecasting model is based on assumptions that inflate Trump’s prospects.
  29. fox and friends
    Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly Make Up With Friendly, Not-at-All-Staged TweetsForget what you heard about their feud, because they are #friends.
  30. feuds
    Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Aren’t ApologizingShe defended her debate question, and he poked Fox News again.
  31. feuds
    Weiner: Hillary Acted, de Blasio Still Did PotHe’s annoyed at his former rival for failing to endorse Clinton … and probably lots of other things.
  32. feuds
    Jeb Bush Is Not a Scientist, and He Knows Matt Damon Isn’t One EitherSo he should stop getting people riled up about fracking.
  33. feuds
    Cory Booker’s Challenge Gave Frank Lautenberg the Will to Keep FightingA silver lining to the mayor’s gaffe.
  34. feuds
    Christie, Cuomo, and Bloomberg Find a New Reason to Fight Over the W.T.C. SiteShould the Port Authority or the NYPD run security?
  35. feuds
    Cory Booker’s ‘Spanking’ Comes in the Form of a Newark DigLautenberg read that Times story too.
  36. feuds
    Atlantic City Mayor’s Afternoon of DejectionHis wait for President Obama was on the record.
  37. unhappy partnerships
    The Justice Department Is Investigating eBay Employees for Alleged Craigslist ThefteBay says the claims are “without merit.”
  38. the white collar criminal justice system
    In Midst of Lambasting Rattner, Cuomo Pitches New Law & Order SpinoffDamn, this guy is good.
  39. nerd fights
    Niall Ferguson vs. Paul Krugman, Round 347“I’ve got history on my side, and he’s got an economic model from 1936. And we’ll see who was right.”
  40. slatterns
    Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell Gets Her Pity Date With Hedge Funds“It’s nice to be wanted.”
  41. feuds
    Shameless Connecticut Invites Hedge Fund Honchos to ‘Intimate Dinner’And anything might happen after dessert!
  42. feuds
    Connecticut Flirts With Money Men Right in Front of New YorkOh no she didn’t.
  43. feuds
    Jamie Dimon vs. John Varley: ‘Two Big-time Bankers in a Very Big Dispute’CEOs haggle over billions.
  44. Mayor Bloomberg Will Tell Mister Softee What’s WhatIce-cream sandwich? How about a knuckle sandwich?
  45. fox news
    Backed by Gospel Choir, Jon Stewart Lets Fox News Have ItFox is “the lupus of news,” he says.
  46. health carnage
    Anthony Weiner To O’Reilly: ‘You Are Making Stuff Up’Things get heated during argument over health care.
  47. paladinosaur
    Carl Paladino Calls Congressman ‘Ass Kisser’At least he’d liven up the governor’s race.
  48. feuds
    Salman Rushdie Uses His Talent With Words to Strike Back at ‘Unstable’ ExSalman introduces the insult “large radioactive bucket of stress” into the lexicon.
  49. feuds
    Conan O’Brien and Cory Booker Kiss and Make Up“Batman” mayor and late night host end their feud with jokes and a big check.
  50. feuds
    Sheila Bair Rains on Vikram Pandit’s ParadeThe FDIC chairwoman thinks the A+ grade the Citigroup CEO got for his performance sounds a little too good to be true.
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