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Fi Cri Nostalgia

  1. ficri nostalgia
    S&P to AAA-Rated CDO Investors: Wait, You Believed Us?The ratings agency says all that talk about investment-grade derivatives was “puffery.”
  2. fi-cri nostalgia
    Wall Street’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ Are Back, But Don’t Panic YetIt’s different this time! Maybe!
  3. fi-cri nostalgia
    New York AG Sues Picked-Over Carcass of Bear Stearns for Mortgage FraudOr JPMorgan Chase, if we’re being technical.
  4. fi-cri nostalgia
    Assessing Wall Street 2.0: The More Things Change …Four years after Lehman, has anything really changed?
  5. paul ryan
    Paul Ryan Is Not an Insider TraderNor a very good stock trader in general.