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  1. impeachment
    Trump’s Defense for Inciting the Mob: Everybody’s Fighting!A video of Democrats saying the words fight or fighting was put together by his lawyers, likely for Trump’s entertainment.
  2. fight!
    Rival Construction Firms Battle With BulldozersQuick, someone get movie rights.
  3. insults
    Conservatives to Ryan: ‘Actually, We’re Not That Into You Either’Meanwhile, the Wisconsin representative still doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he doesn’t want their crappy job.
  4. fight!
    Cuomo Is Much Nicer to de Blasio Than ‘Cuomo Administration Official’“He says what he says, I say what I say, and I’ll let him speak for himself.”
  5. international news
    Russians Have More Philosophical Bar Fights Than We DoLet the New York Times explain this one.