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  1. 2022 winter olympics
    No One Was Happy at the Women’s Figure-Skating FinalsExcept Japanese bronze medalist Kaori Sakamoto.
  2. beijing olympics
    After All That, Kamila Valieva Didn’t Come Close to WinningThe 15-year-old Russian phenom, at the center of a doping scandal, stumbled into fourth place in women’s figure skating.
  3. beijing olympics
    Why Letting Kamila Valieva Compete Is a TravestyMedal-winning American skaters Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu on the “circus” at the Beijing Olympics.
  4. 2022 winter olympics
    Nathan Chen Is Not Playing AroundHe just won gold!
  5. 2022 winter olympics
    Ready to Get Invested in Olympic Figure Skating?A cheat sheet for your new temporary obsession.
  6. sochi olympics 2014
    Russian Skater Plushenko Withdraws From OlympicsDue to injury.
  7. gays of our lives
    Johnny Weir: ‘I Don’t Celebrate Being White or Male, So Why Should I Celebrate Being Gay?’The “controversial” figure-skating star opens up to Meredith Vieira.
  8. evan lysacek
    Lysacek: Plushenko’s Comments ‘Starting to Feel Like Personal Attack’Gold medalist tells Larry King he’s always looked up to the Russian silver medalist.
  9. evan lysacek
    A Thought on Evan Lysacek’s WinWhat does it mean?
  10. olympics
    Animal Rights Activists Are After Johnny WeirNow the poor guy has to stay in the Olympic Village.
  11. family drama
    Homicide Ruling in Death of Kerrigan’s FatherFormer Olympic skater’s family “disappointed” by the development.
  12. party chat
    Johnny Weir Will Not Do Porn — for NowEven in these hard financial times, when sponsors are hard to come by, the figure skater has scruples. Well, some scruples.
  13. intel
    Glamorous Celebrities! At, Um, Wollman Rink…In which our Tim Murphy attends “Skating With the Stars — Under the Stars” and accosts celebrities like Donald Trump, Johnny Weir, and Christopher Meloni with his camera crew.