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  1. Possible Deal Would Give Gorsuch Easy Confirmation and Democrats Future LeverageAn obstruction-free vote this time in exchange for a guarantee the filibuster will remain in effect if Trump gets another SCOTUS pick.
  2. unlikely candidates
    Wendy Davis Still Won’t Admit She’ll Be Running for Texas GovernorBut she is.
  3. go to bed ted cruz
    Ted Cruz Fake Filibuster Went All Night LongA faux filibuster.
  4. #StandWithWendy Was More Popular Than #StandWithRandJust barely. 
  5. shmashmortion
    Dramatic Filibuster Beats Texas Anti-Abortion Bill (Eventually)With help from an “unruly mob.” For now.
  6. shmashmortion
    Texas Lawmaker Filibustering Anti-Abortion BillAnd she can’t even lean against her desk. 
  7. filibusters
    Rand Paul Thanks His Filibuster Pit Crew He couldn’t have done it without Ted Cruz’s tweet-reading.
  8. paulitics
    Every Book and Article Mentioned During Rand Paul’s FilibusterAll the pieces that got a shout-out during Rand Paul’s filibuster.
  9. paulitics
    Rand Paul Stands Up, Takes a Step ForwardAmerica falls in love with watching a guy not use the bathroom.
  10. paulitics
    Senator Rand Paul Ends 13-Hour Filibuster Over Drones [Updated]“I’ve discovered there are some limits to filibustering.”