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  1. climate change
    Don’t Look Up Doesn’t Get the Climate CrisisIf stopping climate change just required cooperative billionaires and conscious voters, we’d already be saved.
  2. film
    Revisiting Brazil’s Dizzying Fall Into Far-Right RuleNetflix’s The Edge of Democracy offers an intimate look at living through profound political changes that once seemed ridiculously impossible.
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    ‘Our House Is Having a Nervous Breakdown!’: A Survey of Smart Homes in FilmIt can be thought-provoking and enlightening to examine how that technology is portrayed in works of fiction. It can also be silly and weird.
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    ‘Liberal Internet Companies’ Are the New Liberal MediaBecause of free speech.
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    Why Is Everyone Posting Mislabeled Film Stills?A long-running meme format helps film nerds establish their credentials.
  6. This Is What Happens When an AI Robot Writes a Sci-Fi MovieIt’s pretty weird.
  7. Watch the World’s Brightest Laser Blow Up WaterA cinematic and scientific triumph.
  8. wrongful convictions
    Ken Burns Won’t Have to Turn Over Central Park Five Footage to the CityThe judge finds that independent journalists can still express opinions.
  9. international affairs
    John McAfee Has Already Sold the Rights to His BiopicTo his publicist.
  10. chat room
    Filmmaker Gets Into The PitThrown into a pit and brutalized by commodities traders, Johanna Lee emerged with a documentary.