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  1. augmented reality
    Why Instagram Makes Its Filters So Hard to FindIt’s not an oversight, it’s by design.
  2. gender is a construct
    College Student Uses Snapchat Filter for One-man Sex StingA local college student catfished an alleged child predator by using Snapchat’s AR lenses to pose as an underage woman.
  3. how is babby formed
    Snapchat’s Uncanny Valleys Are Its Biggest Advantage Over InstagramInstagram might have more muscle, but Snapchat biggest asset is its willingness to get weird.
  4. technology
    Finally, Snapchat Filters Work on DogsThe feature we’ve all been waiting for.
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    Burn Your Friends Using a Custom Snapchat FilterThere are worse ways to spend $10.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    Snapchat Releases 3 Special Filters for International Women’s DayTurn yourself into Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, or Marie Curie through the power of selfie filters.
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    Facebook Introduces Face Filters for HalloweenThe company cribs another popular Snapchat feature.
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    You Can Now Create Snapchat Geofilters Without Photoshop, So No Party Is SafeSuper easy to use.
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    Snapchat Filter or ’90s Gushers Commercial?Turning your head into a giant raspberry feels oddly familiar.
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    Why the Puppy Filter Makes Everyone Look GoodFinally, the answer to a question that has been weighing heavily on all of our minds.