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  1. Goldman Sachs Laid Off 50 EmployeesMany were managing directors.
  2. london whale
    Meet the Man on the Other Side of JPMorgan’s $2 Billion Bad Trade38-year-old hedge-funder Boaz Weinstein.
  3. wall street
    Ina Drew: JPMorgan’s Sacrificial Ma’amBehind every Wall Street scandal, there’s a female executive to take the fall.
  4. jpmorgan chase
    Obama Says JPMorgan ‘One of the Best-Managed Banks There Is’Backhanded compliment?
  5. white men losing money
    JPMorgan Not Done Answering for $2 Billion LossThe fallout from the $2 billion loss isn’t over yet.
  6. jp morgan chase
    Three JPMorgan Executives to Exit This Week Owing to Massive Loss [Update]They are being held accountable.
  7. dimonfreude
    Dimonfreude: Jamie Dimon’s $2 Billion Loss Is His Enemies’ GainThe SEC and Carl Levin are the latest to join the JPMorgan pile-on.
  8. white men with money
    JPMorgan Embarrassed Over $2 Billion in Losses [Update]“We have egg on our face,” said Jamie Dimon.
  9. white men with money
    Lloyd Blankfein Graces TV With His PresenceThe Goldman Sachs CEO made a rare appearance on camera today.
  10. missed connections
    Looking for Love (or a Job) at the Goldman Sachs BuildingA job interview turned into a Missed Connection.
  11. real estate
    Want to Buy Vikram Pandit’s Greenwich Home?It’s on the market.
  12. white men with money
    MF Global Customers Can Get Some of Their Money BackInvestment banks are starting to scoop up claims.
  13. white men with money
    Why Do Wall Streeters Keep Talking to Reporters About How They Don’t Get Paid Enough?It never ends well for them.
  14. white men with money taken away
    Lloyds Bank to Take Back More Than $1 Million From Executive BonusesLloyds will exercise a “claw back” provision to reach the executive compensation.
  15. white men with money and health problems
    Investment Banking Is Really Bad for Your HealthEven if it’s good for your ego and pocketbook.
  16. white men with money
    The SEC Is Looking Into Private EquityLike, the whole industry.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rajat Gupta Hit With a Few Additional ChargesThe former Goldman Sachs board member accused of insider trading now faces even more allegations.
  18. finance
    Bank of America Shakes Up Investment Banking DivisionChristian Meissner will take the helm of the global investment banking division.
  19. white men with money
    Bridgewater, Unlike Other Hedge Funds, Didn’t Have a Terrible YearSize matters?
  20. white men with money
    Morgan Stanley CEO to Really Unhappy Bonus Whiners: ‘Just Leave’The boss has some realism for those “really unhappy” with lower compensation.
  21. white men with slightly less money
    Bank of America Pay Will Indeed Drop SharplySalary and bonus pay will drop around 25 percent.
  22. white men with money struggling to relate to other white men with money
    Wall Street Is Figuring Out How to Woo Silicon ValleyThere’s a learning curve.
  23. white men with slightly less money
    Wall Street Bonuses Will Be Way DownAll indications point to the lowest levels of compensation since 2008.
  24. white men with money
    SEC Altering Its Guilt-Evasion RulesCompanies will be held to account a little bit more in future settlements.
  25. credit crunch
    Bank of America Cuts Off Credit to Some Small Businesses The faucet is off for some small businesses.
  26. lawsuits
    Bank of America Settles Discrimination Suit for $335 MillionBlame Countrywide!
  27. not too big to fail
    E-mails Offer Clues About Missing MF Global Client Funds E-mails from the firm’s last days shed some light.
  28. lawsuits
    SEC Sues Former Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae CEOs“This action arises out of series of materially false and misleading public disclosures.”
  29. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Knew About Missing Money, Claims Senate WitnessThat’s not what Corzine says.
  30. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Personally Pushed Big MF Global BetsThe former U.S. senator and CEO loves a gamble.
  31. Wall Street Warned After Deutsche Bank Letter Bomb ThreatBanks are “being advised to take precautions.”
  32. layoffs
    Citigroup to Cut 4,500 JobsThe year’s finance total: 200,000 and rising.
  33. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Called to Explain MF Global’s Failure to CongressThe ex-New Jersey governor has been subpoenaed.
  34. occupy everywhere
    Harvard Students Defend Harvard Students’ Right to Get RichSomebody has to work at Goldman Sachs!
  35. lawsuits
    Judge Smacks Down Citigroup–SEC SettlementA $285 million settlement is “neither fair, nor reasonable, nor adequate, nor in the public interest.”
  36. white men with less money
    Wall St. Layoffs Driving Young People to DrinkIn dark days, it’s darkest for the Ivy League youth.
  37. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine, Seven Banks Sued for MF Global CollapseNot all customers have their cash back.
  38. lawsuits
    Merrill Lynch Reportedly Settles Suit for $315 MillionThat would make it the biggest mortgage-backed securities settlement yet.
  39. not too big to fail
    MF Global Lays Off 1,066 EmployeesBankruptcy is rough.
  40. not too big to fail
    MF Global Reportedly Paid Bonuses Just Before Bankruptcy Don’t worry, it was just in the U.K.
  41. wall street
    Wall St. Bonuses Expected to Fall 20-30 PercentThe biggest “losers” will be fixed-income employees and equity traders.
  42. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Resigns, Won’t Take More Millions From Failing FirmWhile at MF Global, he fought personally against federal regulations.
  43. wall street
    Bank of New York Mellon May Dodge $2 Billion in LawsuitsTake that, Massachusetts.
  44. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Almost Had a Deal to Salvage MF GlobalToo bad $630 million was missing.
  45. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine’s MF Global Is Now Under Investigation by the FedsThe former New Jersey governor is absorbing most of the blame.
  46. good ship galleon
    Rajat Gupta Will Face Criminal Charges for Insider Trading [Updated]He is expected to turn himself in over his role in the Galleon case.
  47. good ship galleon
    Raj Rajaratnam Should Not Have Trusted the Fortune TellerThe insider trader wrongly went with astrology.
  48. bailout bandits
    Citigroup Earnings Up 74 PercentNot bad.
  49. white men with money
    Wall Streeters Are Really Feeling the Bad Economy, TooThose millions are hard to come by these days.
  50. white men with money
    There Might Be 10,000 More People Out of Work on Wall StreetBy the end of the year.
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