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Financial Crisis

  1. what we know
    How the U.S. Is Trying to Stave Off a Banking System CrisisAmid the threat of additional bank runs in the aftermath of SVB’s collapse, regulators have taken dramatic action to prevent a panic.
  2. the intelligencer profile
    Was Larry Summers Right All Along?How the ultimate Establishment figure became the preeminent critic of the Biden era’s economic consensus.
  3. the biden presidency
    Who’s Afraid of Saule Omarova?How a Joe Biden nominee became the target of a ludicrous red-baiting campaign.
  4. economy
    Neoliberalism Died of COVID. Long Live Neoliberalism!How the predominant ideology of our time survived the pandemic.
  5. the 99 percent
    Occupy Wall Street Changed EverythingTen years later, the legacy of Zuccotti Park has never been clearer.
  6. michael bloomberg
    Michael Bloomberg Repeatedly Blamed Homeowners for the RecessionThe former mayor’s infamous redlining comments weren’t an isolated incident.
  7. 2008
    Steve Bannon on How 2008 Planted the Seed for the Trump Presidency“That lit a match, and the explosion was Trump.”
  8. 2008
    Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith on Why We Didn’t See the 2008 Crash Coming“People forget how petrified everybody was at the time.”
  9. How Tim Geithner Won a War on Financial Terror — and Lost the PeaceThe 2008 crisis demanded bold political leadership and radical reforms. We got “financial first responders” instead.
  10. 2008
    Sheila Bair on What Hasn’t Changed Since the Great Recession“The financial system we have is basically the financial system we had in 2008.”
  11. 2008
    Barney Frank on His Regrets From the Great Recession“All the money went to banks, none went to homeowners.”
  12. 2008
    What a Foreclosure-Boat-Tour Operator Saw During the Great Recession“It breaks my heart to see what I had to do to a guy who had nowhere to go.”
  13. 2008
    We Are Still Living in the Ruins of the 2008 CrashTen years after Wall Street’s doomsday, how the financial meltdown broke the modern world and left us living in this one.
  14. the great recession
    Frank Rich: In 2008, America Stopped Believing in the American DreamThe Great Recession has proved to be a more lasting existential threat to the country than the 9/11 terrorist attack.
  15. Brexit Could Trigger the Next Financial Crisis — in ItalyItalian banks are sitting on a pile of bad loans. Brexit just tossed a match on that pile. If the fire spreads, it could produce an economic and political crisis.
  16. Goldman Can Deduct Much Of Its $5 Billion FineFor fraudulent behavior that helped create the financial crisis, the bank will pay roughly $4 billion and face no legal consequences.
  17. international intrigue
    Draft of Puerto Rico Rescue Bill Released; No One Likes ItThe plan to fix Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt isn’t going so well.
  18. Citi: The Global Economy Is Trapped in a ‘Death Spiral’The bank predicts a coming “Oilmageddon” if policymakers don’t change course.
  19. ‘Sell Everything’: Global Bank Warns Investors of Coming Financial CrisisThe Royal Bank of Scotland is not feeling 2016.
  20. financial crisis
    Greek Banks Close for 6 Days As Debt Crisis DeepensGreece could be forced to leave the eurozone.
  21. crushing experiences
    Tim Geithner’s Book Tour: It Could Have Been WorseThe former Treasury Secretary is thinking of future generations and enduring the present.
  22. white men with money
    Matt Taibbi: SEC Has ‘Terminal Brain Damage’ for Deleting FilesMetaphors and corruption are everywhere!
  23. wall street
    AIG Suing Bank of America for Financial Crisis LossesSomeone has to pay.
  24. everything they touch turns to goldman
    The Most Pontifical Metaphors in Matt Taibbi’s Latest Goldman Screed“Goldman isn’t a pudgy housewife who broke her diet with a few Nilla Wafers.”
  25. the greatest recession
    Wall Street Rashomon: The Times vs. Matt TaibbiHow some of the worst villains of the financial crisis came out more or less unscathed.
  26. goldmanfellas
    New Senate Report: ‘Goldman Clearly Misled Their Clients and They Misled the Congress’How will Lloyd get out of this one?
  27. white men with money
    Dick Fuld Won’t Let an SEC Investigation Keep Him From Giving Investment AdviceThe S-E-C you say? Nope. Doesn’t sound familiar.
  28. the greatest recession
    Turns Out, the Financial Crisis Was Totally Avoidable“The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming.”
  29. the greatest recession
    Republicans Wanted to Ban the Term Wall Street From a Report on the Financial CrisisWhy would anyone mention Wall Street in a report about the crisis anyways?
  30. fi-cri fallout
    SEC Investigating JPMorgan Over ‘Squared’ CDOThe firm might have allowed a hedge fund to improperly select assets for a CDO.
  31. this is pretty much how most of america feels too
    Oliver Stone Doesn’t Need to Know What a CDO Is to Know What One Feels LikeAnd what it feels like is PURE EVIL.
  32. fi-cri fallout
    Goldman ‘Built the Bomb’But did they light the fuse?
  33. sec sexually explicit content
    Report Finds 33 SEC Employees Watched Porn As Economy Fell ApartBoth disturbing and gross!
  34. the greatest depression
    Dodd Introduces Bill to Jump-start Financial Reform, Sets Aggressive TimelineThe Fed might be getting bigger.
  35. financial crisis
    Women Were Better at Trading Stocks During the Financial Crisis Than MenRogue study accuses men of thinking they know what they’re doing when they don’t.
  36. career fair
    The Financial Crisis Created Jobs in at Least One SectorBank lobbyists!
  37. the greatest depression
    Alexandra Lebenthal to Pen the Great American Chick-Lit NovelThe CEO-cialite and New York Social Diary correspondent has signed a deal with an imprint of Hachette.
  38. ink-stained wretches
    Vanity Fair’s Fishy Tales From IcelandNo one cared about the tiny island until it collapsed. Now it’s worthy of some tall tales.
  39. the downturnaround
    Why Going Rambo Won’t Save Us From the Financial CrisisMore arguments against pessimism porn.
  40. the downturnaround
    The Stephon Marbury Model of Economic RecoveryEven the Knicks’ most toxic asset looks good next to the banks!
  41. early and often
    Is Rick Santelli Part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy? CNBC RespondsNo and yes.