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    Japanese Media Group Nikkei Buys the Financial Times for $1.29 BillionGlobal education company Pearson is selling the newspaper after nearly 60 years. 
  2. ink-stained toy wretches
    Bloomberg May Still Have His Eye on the Financial TimesIf it’s actually for sale.
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    Financial Times Discovers Hip-Hop Slang From Last Century“G-Dawg splashes tax cuts like P Diddy with champagne but banks miss out on the bling.”
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    How to Tell Your Co-workers Their Personal Habits Annoy YouFor those who don’t have a newspaper column, there’s always our comments section.
  5. lloyd of our lives
    Lloyd Blankfein Gets Out of Judging Book Contest on a TechnicalityHe’s a main character in too many of them.
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    Why the Times Is Wary of an Apple Tablet DealThe announcement of the paper’s new metered-pay system seems like it’s coming in tandem with Apple’s upcoming tablet reveal. But it’s not.
  7. media deathwatch
    It’s ‘Chaos’ in Media CountrySoon we will all be paid in ‘floating gold coins or mushrooms,’ says one media critic.