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  1. life after warming
    Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the FutureA months-long climate disaster in a wealthy, white country is tailor-made to dominate news coverage. It hasn’t.
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    If You Left Your Jacket on the F Train, It’s on FirePlease come collect the ashes.
  3. tragedies
    Officials: Horrific NYC Fire Caused by Child Playing With StoveThe apartment-building fire left 12 dead and 6 injured.
  4. select all
    Fidget Spinners Are Bursting Into FlamesA very good reason to stick to your average, low-tech, non-Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinners.
  5. select all
    Officials Say Hoverboard Caused Fatal FireHundreds of thousands of the devices were recalled last summer.
  6. Oakland Fire Likely Caused by an Overloaded Electrical SystemThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is expected to announce the findings of their investigation on Tuesday.
  7. awful things
    36 Confirmed Dead in Oakland Inferno As D.A. Mulls Criminal ChargesThe fire was among the most deadly in California’s modern history.
  8. select all
    Carriers Stop Offering Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ReplacementsThe devices were catching on fire, frequently.
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    Exploding Batteries Delay Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7This is one hot device!
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    This Flaming Wind Turbine Is Terrifying and AwesomeBad news for the turbine, good news for us.
  11. scary things
    4-Alarm Fire Breaks Out at Historic Flatiron ChurchThe Cathedral of Saint Sava in Manhattan caught fire around 7 p.m. Sunday.
  12. not good
    Massive Fire Swallows Empty Building in ChelseaThe fire was under control by 7 a.m.
  13. pool party
    Las Vegas Hotel Suffers a Cabana InfernoHotel employees believe it was started by a lit cigarette.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    Fire Fills Manhattan Subway Station With Smoke, Causing ‘Total Bedlam’ No injuries reported, but commutes have been disrupted.
  15. fire
    A Huge Roller Coaster Is on Fire at Magic MountainThe wooden Collosus in Valencia caught fire on Monday.
  16. neighborhood news
    New Yorkers React With Varying Degrees of Alarm to Rumbling Midtown FireVideos from the scene, near the Time Life building.
  17. sad things
    New Jersey Boardwalk Up in FlamesSeaside Heights suffered a six-alarm blaze.
  18. scary things
    Ominous Photos of the Queensboro Bridge FireThe FDNY is on the scene.
  19. sad things
    Bronx Apartment Fire Kills 7-Year-Old GirlA gas tank from Hurricane Sandy added fuel to the fire.
  20. sad things
    Four-Alarm Fire at Pratt Institute Destroys Student ArtSad.
  21. kids today
    N.J. Teen Accused of Setting Fire to Home, Trying to Kill Her Entire FamilyThis definitely goes beyond teen angst.
  22. smokin’!
    A Cigarette Set Macy’s on FireAnother strike against smoking.
  23. fire island
    Disco Inferno: A Fire Island D.J.–Firefighter Talks About the Pavilion BlazeReminiscing over smoldering ruins.
  24. presidential pratfalls
    President Obama’s Vacation House Briefly Caught FireHis week just keeps getting better.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    Contractors Not Criminally Responsible for Deutsche Bank Fire, Says JudgeThe company was, however, found guilty of reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor.
  26. puppies!!!!!!
    14 Pit Bulls Rescued From a Bronx Apartment FireAnd now, your redemptive pup story of the day.
  27. neighborhood news
    FDNY Combats Fire at 14th Street Con Ed PlantDon’t fret.
  28. things not to do
    This Is Why You Should Not Be Having Voodoo SexTwo words: bad juju.