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  1. wildfires
    California Has a Shortage of Imprisoned Firefighters. That’s Good.Fewer firefighters is a result of fewer prisoners.
  2. Oakland Fire Likely Caused by an Overloaded Electrical SystemThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is expected to announce the findings of their investigation on Tuesday.
  3. Firefighter Killed After Possible Drug Den Explodes in the BronxMore than ten people were injured.
  4. A Huge Gas Explosion in Seattle Flattened Buildings and Injured 9 FirefightersThe explosion could be heard ten miles away. 
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Very Worst Reason to Call the Fire DepartmentSo you can burglarize the empty firehouse.
  6. safety first
    Fewer New Yorkers Are Dying in Fires Than EverCombined with a record-low homicide rate, 2012 was a good year for safety.
  7. awful things
    Four Firefighters Shot in Webster, Two KilledTwo others were wounded.
  8. new york’s bravest
    FDNY Still Working Out Discrimination IssuesThe city has been ordered to pay $128 million to past minority applicants.
  9. neighborhood news
    Heroic Firefighters Rescue Adorable Puppies From Burning Soho ApartmentThe best kind of news story in the world.
  10. puppies!!!!!!
    Firefighter Saves Tiny TerrierA rare, happy fire story!
  11. the post-racial world
    New York Has Its Own Ricci Case, Except More DiscriminatoryA judge rules that the FDNY intentionally discriminated against minority applicants.
  12. stupid crime of the day
    Leib Glanz Is Our New Favorite Sketchy RabbiThe fun never stops with this guy.
  13. i (heart) nj
    Soft-core Porn Star and Reality-TV Star in Dirty Texting Affair!!!Honestly, why do people even write these stories anymore?
  14. in other news
    Ed Koch Is Still AliveThe former mayor is the new poster child for Life Alert. And he didn’t even fall without being able to get up!
  15. early and often
    Giuliani Goes Double or Nothing in Iowa and New HampshireGiuliani must be seriously freaked about Iowa and New Hampshire. Just as a group called “9/11 Parents & Families of Firefighters” is preparing to pillory his terrorism record with a town-hall meeting today in Hanover, New Hampshire, the Republican candidate has launched his first direct-mail offensive that touts him as “America’s Mayor.” While he’s boasted about his 9/11 record in the past, until now he’s refrained from using his media-given nickname to get attention. But with Romney in the lead in the two key early-primary states, Giuliani is now targeting voters in both with a pamphlet explaining how he “led the largest rescue and recovery operation in US history.”