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First Amendment

  1. wikileaks
    Julian Assange Could Be on Trial in the U.S. SoonA British high court ruled that he can be extradited to America, where he faces espionage charges.
  2. u.s. supreme court
    ‘Cussing Cheerleader’ Wins in Supreme Court Free-Speech CaseThe Court decided 8-1 that obscene student tirades made on social media are protected unless they disrupt public-school activities.
  3. politics
    The Biggest Supreme Court Decisions Coming This TermWhat to watch for in the coming weeks, including rulings on religious liberty, voting rights, and yet another Obamacare challenge.
  4. impeachment
    Trump’s Defense for Inciting the Mob: Everybody’s Fighting!A video of Democrats saying the words fight or fighting was put together by his lawyers, likely for Trump’s entertainment.
  5. supreme court
    Roberts Rejoins Supreme Court Conservatives to Boost Religious SchoolsIt was a relatively narrow decision but it showed where a future Supreme Court committed to expanding religious privileges might go.
  6. maga
    Legislators Urged to Declare CNN and Washington Post ‘Fake News’In cultish act, Trump fan attacks elitist media for Trump’s cultlike following.
  7. wikileaks
    Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment QuestionsAssange claims he is a journalist, but the Justice Department appears to be treating him as if he were a whistle-blower like Edward Snowden.
  8. first amendment
    Clarence Thomas Wants to Make It Easier to Sue for LibelIn an opinion that Trump will cheer, the eccentric conservative justice attacks a long-settled precedent on criticism of public figures.
  9. the national interest
    White House Briefings Are Democracy Theater. That’s Why Trump Is Clamping Down.The symbolism of the White House briefing is important to democracy. Trump hates it for that reason.
  10. Charges Dropped Against Remaining J20 Inauguration Day Protesters“Obviously it’s a huge relief to have these charges dropped after an 18-month nightmare,” one defendant said.
  11. Supreme Court Topples Precedent to Hobble Public UnionsIn a major blow to labor, public-sector unions will have to represent nonmembers without compensation.
  12. donald trump
    Trump Won’t Take Back His ‘Muslim Ban’ Campaign PromiseEither Trump has a pathological inability to admit mistakes, or cherishes religious discrimination — or maybe both.
  13. The Williamson Saga Raises Questions Anti-Abortion Folk Don’t Want to AnswerIn defending Kevin Williamson’s remarks about “hanging women” who violate a future abortion ban, some conservatives tip their hands.
  14. Cuomo Vows to Sue Feds Over Trump Tax Bill’s Discrimination Against New YorkersIt’s a long shot, but if Republicans deliberately targeted blue states, that could be adjudged as unconstitutional.
  15. J20 Defendants Cleared of Charges in Trump Inauguration ArrestsGood news for those who like the First Amendment.
  16. Court Can Avoid Clash Between Equality, Religious Liberty in Wedding-Cake CaseBy making the decision about free speech rather than a religious exercise, SCOTUS can limit the impact on anti-discrimination laws to a minimum.
  17. Is the Trump Administration Objecting to a Big Merger to Punish CNN?The government may have legitimate reasons to want divestiture of CNN. But Trump’s hostility makes it a threat to the First Amendment anyway.
  18. Trump Threatens to Revoke NBC’s License to Broadcast NewsThe president has said, “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”
  19. Sessions Issues ‘License to Discriminate’ to Conservative ChristiansLike Obama’s immigration actions that Sessions and Trump deplore, today’s “guidance” offers mercy to potential law breakers: just a different kind.
  20. Labor Movement’s Worst Nightmare Heads Back to the Supreme CourtPublic-sector unions dodged a bullet last year when SCOTUS deadlocked on suit denying them fees for collective bargaining. But the threat is back.
  21. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  22. Journalist No Longer Facing Jail Time for Asking HHS Secretary a QuestionA West Virginia prosecutor’s office has dropped its charges against Dan Heyman, who was arrested in May for “aggressively” questioning Tom Price.
  23. russia investigation
    No, Trump Jr. Doesn’t Have a First Amendment Right to Get Russian InformationThe courts have already been pretty consistent on this issue of foreign citizens not being able to participate in America’s self-government.
  24. Twitter Users Sue Trump for Blocking ThemAmericans have a First Amendment right to troll the president, they argue.
  25. the supremes
    The First Amendment Won Big at the Supreme Court TodayThe court handed down rulings that could make the Washington Redskins and anyone blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump very happy.
  26. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Big Wisconsin Gerrymandering CaseIt is well established that states cannot draw district lines to disadvantage racial minorities. Political minorities have no such protection — yet.
  27. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Travel Ban — AgainBut there was some good news for the White House in the decision.
  28. media
    Reporter Arrested After Asking Health and Human Services Secretary a QuestionPolice say Dan Heyman was “causing a disturbance,” but he says he was just doing his job.
  29. Why the GOP Is More Protective of the First Amendment Than They Used to BeThreats to jail flag-burners were standard for conservatives a generation ago. Today Trump is more of an outlier.
  30. give me liberty or give me baby’s breath
    Out-of-Control Weeds Aren’t Free Speech, Says Judge“The plaintiff’s claim that the free-speech clause insulates all weeds from public control is ridiculous.”
  31. crimes and misdemeanors
    Town Loses in Case Over ‘F**k Your S**tty Town Bitches’ Speeding TicketWriting profanities on a speeding ticket is protected free speech.
  32. bad medicine
    Dr. Oz Stands Up for First Amendment Right to Promote False Health Claims“We will not be silenced, we will not give in,” he declares.
  33. media
    James Risen’s Case Will Probably Go to the Supreme CourtIf prosecutors don’t withdraw their subpoena.
  34. media
    Reporter Compelled to Testify after DOJ Promises to Back Off ReportersAwkward timing.
  35. oh new jersey
    Gun-Toting, ‘Felon for Life’ Rapper Actually a Cop“Gat the Great” doesn’t see what the big deal is.
  36. things that are gross
    Glenn Beck Keeps It Classy by Selling a Jar of His ‘Urine’ for $25,000It’s “art” because there’s an Obama figurine in it.
  37. first amendment
    Police Arrest Times Photographer on Job in BronxSolarik has sparred with police before.
  38. occupy everywhere
    OWS Protesters Get ‘First Amendment Rights Area’Federal Hall has temporary new boundaries.
  39. doing right by occupy
    Dept. of Homeland Security Hopes to Be Anti-NYPD When It Comes to Domestic SurveillanceBut there are allegations that the agency targeted political speech online.
  40. the war on christmas
    The War on Christmas: Be Careful What You Pray ForFreedom of religion also applies to the Pastafarians.
  41. children of impressive people
    Hank Williams Jr. Doesn’t Quite Get the First AmendmentHe thinks ESPN violated his freedom of speech.
  42. reproductive rights
    New York City Isn’t Immune to Recent Spate of Reproductive-Rights Legal BattlesA judge slaps down a law that would have required crisis pregnancy centers to detail what services they provide.
  43. cultural institutions
    First Amendment Protects Right to Watch Threesome in Public LibraryCongress shall make no law prohibiting your viewing of threesome videos in public.
  44. jerks
    Why Westboro Baptist’s Plans to Picket Elizabeth Edwards’s Funeral Might FailThe First Amendment and a human counterprotest might throw off their evil plan.
  45. early and awkward
    Christine O’Donnell Thought She Nailed First Amendment DebateShe was high-fiving her debate team? Really?
  46. winners who are still losers
    ‘Little Eichmann’ Professor Wins His CaseWard Churchill was fired after comparing 9/11 victims to Nazis.
  47. the bush years
    Bush Official Contemplated Curtailing First AmendmentIt’s fine, though, because it was in a memo.
  48. intel
    Hamptons Jury Upholds Volunteer’s Right to Kvetch It’s official: You can kvetch all you want about any organization for which you’re a volunteer — your local hospital, Greenpeace, the Democrats — and it’s thanks to Pat Lynch. The former NBC reporter sued the Southampton Animal Shelter in 2005, saying it had violated her right to free speech when it fired her from her volunteer duties the year before. A jury sided with her this week, awarding her $251,000. Lynch had been walking the center’s dogs and, troubled by conditions there — including how the animals were euthanized — she wrote letters to The Southampton Press expressing her concern, and filed a lawsuit against the shelter. Administrators let her go soon after. “It’s a huge decision,” her lawyer, Steve Morelli, told New York. “Volunteers don’t have to be afraid to speak their mind as long as it’s a matter of public concern and they’re not disruptive.” Good. But if Lynch didn’t agree with the shelter’s policies, why didn’t she just walk away? “I love animals and I wanted to bring about positive change,” she says. “When you volunteer, you don’t leave your First Amendment rights at the front door.” —S. Jhoanna Robledo
  49. in other news
    Breaking: Jailing People for Speaking Out May Be IllegalA Manhattan federal jury has confirmed something you probably knew all along: It seems throwing political protesters in the slammer, instead of writing them a ticket, kinda sorta interferes with the First Amendment. The NYPD’s lock-’em-up policy, born amid the paranoia of 2001, was short-lived (it’s already off the books) and resulted in about 30 arrests, which now may mean 30 settlements for NYPD to cough up. The biggest mistake the boys in blue apparently made was committing the policy to the books in the first place: Nothing leaves a paper trail like, well, paper. The demonstrators’ side alleged that the practice had existed for years as an unwritten rule — ever since the 1999 Amadou Diallo shooting and the spate of rallies it occasioned. Lacking concrete proof, the jury didn’t buy it; if it had, the city would be looking at about 350 more settlements. Darned First Amendment. Jury Rules Against NYPD’s Rally Lockups [NYDN]