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  1. plant-based rhetoric
    Eric Adams Eats FishThe mayor finally admits it.
  2. photo op
    Sarah Palin Demonstrates Pro-Fish, Anti-Selfie AgendaShe’s quite clear on this.
  3. hurricane sandy
    Amazingly, All That Sea Water Didn’t Kill the Aquarium’s FishThey don’t do well in regular old sea water.
  4. things that freak us out
    More Signs of the Apocalypse: Seals Washing Up in Jersey, Anchovies Dying by the ThousandsWhat’s next, hundreds of rats crawling out of the subway tunnels?
  5. tell us how you really feel about your clients
    Cold-Blooded Creatures Warm Up Homes of Wealthy HumansFish “humanize” homes of the rich, says interior designer.