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  1. self
    Peloton Is Spinning Faster Than EverThe company may have unwittingly created a fitness cult, but their business model is a little more complicated.
  2. labor
    Yoga Teachers Are Unionizing to Heal the Wellness IndustryIn a historic first, YogaWorks teachers have come together to demand improved conditions across their entire industry.
  3. fitness
    Donald Trump, a Very Fit Man of the People, Fat Shames Own SupporterAt a rally in New Hampshire, our populist president told an overweight supporter to “go home” and “start excercising.”
  4. This Mirror Is Actually a Full-Body Scanner That Tracks Your Fitness ProgressHope you like looking at yourself.
  5. This Super-Intense Workout Class Mixes Video Games With FitnessIt’s harder than it looks.
  6. intel
    Stair Masters Some 216 brave souls high-stepped it up 86 floors in New York Road Runners 30th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up event yesterday morning. We caught up with four novice runners after they survived 1,576 quad-burning steps and a blast of nine-degree weather as they crossed the finish line on the observation deck — in just their sweat-soaked T-shirts and shorts.