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Flight 1549

  1. miracle on the hudson
    Captain Sully’s Last Flight Is TodayFingers crossed!
  2. miracle on the hudson
    Plane Flying Religious ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Banner Crash-LandsThis was basically asking for it.
  3. the miracle on the hudson becomes a nightmare
    AIG Now Supposedly Ruining Lives of Innocent Women and ChildrenSome of the passengers from flight 1549 are upset with the insurer.
  4. nature’s terrorists
    Goose Attack on Flight 1549 Was ‘Warning Shot,’ Says Expert“Eventually, something is going to happen.”
  5. miracle on the hudson
    Eerie New Photos From the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’Removal of the wreckage provides a sobering reminder of just how dangerous birds can be.
  6. terrorists of the sky
    Finally, We Are Winning the War on TerrorAccording to a report released today, nearly a third of U.S birds are endangered, threatened, or in “significant decline.”
  7. why they hate us
    Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird Attacks“I’m sure they didn’t intend that,” he told Larry King. HA!
  8. it is really irritating to work with irritating people
    ‘We’re Going to Be in the Hudson’“I’m sorry, what?”
  9. why they hate us
    The Smoking Feather!The terrorist birds who took down US Airways Flight 1549 left a calling card.
  10. why they hate us
    Bird Attackers Left Sinister CluesInvestigators examining the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 found a single, telltale feather left behind by the avian assailants.
  11. miracle on the hudson
    Jeff Kolodjay: The Face of Flight 1549The Norwalk resident is like the Baby Jessica of the Miracle on the Hudson.
  12. why they hate us
    Birds: Terrorists of the SkyBird strikes, as it turns out, are the most common cause of airplane accidents.