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Flint Water Crisis

  1. civility
    Rick Snyder’s Harvard Fellowship and the Limits of CivilityThe former Michigan governor presided over the poisoning of Flint. But for Harvard’s Kennedy School, it wasn’t enough to disrupt business as usual.
  2. Michigan Health Chief Charged With Manslaughter for Role in Flint Water CrisisNick Lyon may be held criminally liable for suppressing information about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak that killed 12 in the Flint area.
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    Flint Residents Must Pay Full Price for Water They Can’t Drink Without a FilterAs the water credits ended, the doctor who uncovered the crisis highlighted Flint’s plight as a guest at President Trump’s address to Congress.
  4. early and often
    House Agrees to Stop Playing Politics With Flint, Attempt to Avoid ShutdownPaul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi reached a deal that is likely to dedicate aid for the water crisis and keep the government funded past Friday.
  5. People May Actually Go to Jail for Poisoning FlintThree state and local officials face felony charges for misconduct and conspiracy to tamper with evidence.
  6. flint water crisis
    Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Will Drink Flint Water to Prove Everything Is FineUnfiltered, even! 
  7. Watch the Public Lashing of Michigan Governor Rick SnyderSnyder testified before Congress on Thursday. It didn’t go well.
  8. flint water crisis
    Flint Residents Protest for $15 Minimum Wage in Face of Water CrisisHundreds rallied outside Sunday’s Democratic debate.
  9. early and often
    Michigan Governor Live-Tweets Debate ReactionsSnyder’s Twitter fingers were busy.
  10. I Went to Flint, Drank the Water, and Saw the Future of Civil RightsLessons from #JusticeForFlint.
  11. flint water crisis
    Flint Residents Vent Their Anger at Bernie Sanders ForumHe connected the water-contamination crisis to America’s crumbling infrastructure.
  12. Michigan Gives Flint Residents $30 Million to Pay Water BillsThe money will pay for clean water through April.
  13. Flint Residents Paid a Premium for Poisoned WaterA new study finds that Flint paid the highest water bills in the country.
  14. Flint Cases Could Yield Manslaughter ChargesAlso, Flint residents got a boil-your-water advisory Wednesday.
  15. Clinton and Sanders to Debate in Flint, MichiganThe Democratic party hopes to draw attention to the city, which is still in the midst of a massive, man-made environmental disaster.
  16. Next Challenge for Flint: Enormous Piles of Empty Water BottlesTheir recycling program was not ready for this. 
  17. Flint State Workers Got Bottled Water a Year AgoFrom bad to worse.
  18. Michigan Militia Threatens Armed Revolt, Teams Up With Michael MooreWhat kind of issue can bring together Jesse Jackson and right-wing extremists?
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    EPA Regional Administrator Resigns Over Flint Water CrisisThe agency has also ordered Michigan to address the lead contamination immediately.
  20. flint water crisis
    Finger-Pointing and Fallout Over Flint Water Crisis ContinuesThe latest in the Michigan water-crisis case.
  21. awful things
    Michigan Governor Calls Flint Water Crisis ‘a Disaster’The political fallout from the disaster continues.
  22. flint water crisis
    Obama Declares Federal Emergency Over Flint, Michigan, Water SupplyAnd the many failures to protect the city’s residents have now become a presidential-campaign issue.