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    Ex-Michigan Governor Charged With Willful Neglect of Duty for Flint Water CrisisRick Snyder’s alleged offense stems back to the 2014 decision to switch Flint’s water source and contaminate the city’s drinking supply with lead.
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    Flint Residents Must Pay Full Price for Water They Can’t Drink Without a FilterAs the water credits ended, the doctor who uncovered the crisis highlighted Flint’s plight as a guest at President Trump’s address to Congress.
  3. early and often
    Trump Spoke at a Black Church in Flint, Michigan, and It Didn’t Go WellThe pastor interrupted when he started attacking Clinton.
  4. Rick Snyder’s Top Aides Knew Flint’s Water Was Unsafe More Than a Year AgoIn October 2014, General Motors informed the Michigan governor’s office that the Flint River’s heavily chlorinated water was rusting its car parts.
  5. flint water crisis
    Obama Declares Federal Emergency Over Flint, Michigan, Water SupplyAnd the many failures to protect the city’s residents have now become a presidential-campaign issue.