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  1. Hurricane Matthew Is Gone, But the Worst Isn’t Even Close to Over in NCAt least 17 are dead as the state is consumed by record flooding.
  2. Parts of Brooklyn and Queens Are Flooded OutAnd more in this week of weird winter weather. 
  3. Clumsy Construction Crew Floods Queens With Gross WaterElmhurst now looks like Venice, but with floating garbage cans instead of gondolas.
  4. More Flooding Possible for Texas and OklahomaThe death toll now stands at 18 with more still missing, and the dangerous storms could continue for another week.
  5. Texas and Oklahoma Begin Cleaning Up After Devastating FloodsThe disaster has claimed at least four lives, led to the evacuation of thousands, and destroyed countless homes.
  6. neighborhood news
    Houston Street Floods in Front of Katz’sSave the pastrami!
  7. week from hell
    Week From Hell Continues As Flooded Illinois Town Is EvacuatedCan we catch a break here?
  8. manmade natural disasters
    Central Park West Turned Into Central Park West River TodayAnother water main burst this morning, flooding the Upper West Side.
  9. nuclear power
    Natural Disasters Affect Nuclear Plants in America, TooBecause Nebraska wasn’t busy enough dealing with flood waters.
  10. natural disasters
    Heavy Rain Causes Severe Flooding in the MidwestSmall towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin are already underwater.
  11. world news
    Pakistani Floods Claim More LivesThe U.N. has appealed for $460 million in aid for shelter, food, and emergency care.
  12. floods
    New York to Become a Giant Swimming Pool by 2100Time to move to the moon.
  13. the morning line
    Bus Stop • Sure, the Feds promised Bloomberg $354 million for his traffic-reduction plan (if he can get the city and state to pass it), but that dough’s mainly to put up new bus depots. Of the roughly $200 mil needed to charge drivers entering Manhattan, Uncle Sam’s promised only $10 million. [NYT]
  14. in other news
    Water, Water, Everywhere Today’s Times reports on a new study showing that “the very character of the Northeast is at stake” if greenhouse gases aren’t controlled, as we mentioned earlier. One issue: What are now considered once-a- century floods could within 90 years be hitting New York City every decade. Gothamist points us to a map from that study, showing what we can expect that decennial flood to look like. This map only shows the financial district, and we’re thrilled about that. At least now we don’t have to look at our West Village neighborhood engulfed. Map of the Day: If NYC Flooded Every 10 Years… [Gothamist]