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    Trump’s Voter Registration Mistake Is What He’d Call FraudHe had to correct his Florida voter registration after initially listing the White House, which is not in Florida, as his “legal residence.”
  2. florida man
    Don’t Overthink Ron DeSantisThe Florida governor’s tenure teaches us about sycophancy, ineptitude, and reactionary politics.
  3. Gunman Ranting About Trump Shot by Police at Trump Resort“Not saying terrorism; not discounting anything at this point,” Juan Perez, director of the Miami-Dade police, said.
  4. At Tax Time, Trump Claims His Florida Golf Course Is a DumpTrump claims huge valuations of his properties when he wants people to think he’s wealthy. At tax time, he changes his tune.
  5. Paul Manafort’s House Arrest Lifted, But He Can’t Leave Florida or Stay Out LateThe former Trump campaign manager will wear a GPS monitor as he awaits trial.
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    Trump’s Presidency ‘Enhances’ a $200,000 Mar-a-Lago MembershipBut the White House insists nobody is getting enhanced access to the president.
  7. florida man
    Report: Trump Kicked Critical Biographer Off His Golf CourseDrama on the fairway.
  8. Who Is Florida Man Voting for? A Tampa Newspaper Found OutFlorida Man admits his preference for president.
  9. Florida Cop Sued Despite Baking ‘Sorry I Tased You’ Cake for Woman He TasedMaybe she prefers pie.
  10. amazing things
    ‘Big Ass Turtle’ Survives High-Speed Car Crash in FloridaThe turtle was hit by one car and propelled through the windshield of another car going more than 70 mph. 
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    Florida Cuts Short Its Big Black-Bear HuntTed Nugent joined in the bear mass killing; 295 bears dead.
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    Man Arrested for Shooting at George Zimmerman Matthew Apperson turned himself in to the Florida police on Friday.
  13. Florida Mailman Now Banned From the CapitolThe gyrocopter pilot is also barred from flying an aircraft ever again.
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    Florida Officials Say They Were Banned From Using the Term ‘Climate Change’After Governor Rick Scott took office.
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    Bigamy Trial for Florida Congressman’s Wife Delayed by Leaky Breast ImpantsThe trial has been pushed back to March.
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    George Zimmerman’s Former Girlfriend Confirms That He Is a ‘Psycho’And you thought your ex was bad.
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    George Zimmerman Arrested Yet AgainIt’s another assault charge. 
  18. amazing coincidences
    How to Not Investigate a Prostitution ScandalMeet David Nieland.
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    George Zimmerman’s Family Wants to Become the Next KardashiansAs long as they don’t shoot someone else first.
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    Suspect Stops in Middle of Police Chase to Pet CatsSame.
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    George Zimmerman Now Guards a Gun and Motorcycle Store, for Free Just in case anyone was wondering.
  22. stupid things
    Clawson Mistakes U.S. Officials for Indian Reps Oops!
  23. things that are awful
    Florida Stabbing Suspect Rejects Help From ‘Negro’ Public DefenderOr any attorney.
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    George Zimmerman Will Not Be Cashing In on His 911 CallThe Trayvon Martin killer’s libel suit against NBC has been thrown out.
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    Congressman Joe Garcia Picks Ear, Eats It on Live TVSometimes the American public needs to see things that make them uncomfortable.
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    Rep. Grayson Accuses Estranged Wife of BigamyOf course, he’s from Florida. 
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    Florida Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Drunken Taco Bell RunIt happens.
  28. early and awkward
    Florida Congressional Candidate Comes Out As Huge Role-playing NerdIt’s not creepy, he insists, almost convincingly.
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    Florida Man Who Shot Movie-Theater Texter Was Also TextingAccording to new evidence at his trial.
  30. late and often
    101-Year-Old Florida Man Running for CongressMeet Joe Newman, who was 16 during the Great Depression.
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    Michael Dunn Juror Says He Got Away With MurderBut three other jurors felt Dunn “was frightened and there was no other option.”
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    Michael Dunn One-Ups George Zimmerman, Compares Himself to Rape Victim“I’m the victor, but I was the victim, too.”
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    DMX Is George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing OpponentThough he wanted to take on Kanye.
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    George Zimmerman Will Fight in Celebrity Boxing MatchThe next step in the post-scandal road to obscurity.
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    George Zimmerman Can’t Even Paint Without Getting in TroubleHe ripped off an AP photo for his latest work.
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    George Zimmerman’s Second Painting Is Even Less SubtleIt seemed impossible, but he’s proven us wrong.
  37. early and awkward
    Florida Politician Wants Obama Hanged for Treason, Like Benedict Arnold(Who wasn’t hanged for treason.)
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    Rob Ford Has ‘Like Six’ Condos in FloridaObviously.
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    Watch George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Describe His Violent Gun EpisodesA video of her since-recanted statement to police has been leaked and it is disturbing.
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    Someone Paid $100,099.99 for George Zimmerman’s American Flag Painting The lucky winner’s identity is not yet known.
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    George Zimmerman Is Armed AgainSurely this is the last we’ll hear of him.
  42. Whoever Buys George Zimmerman’s Painting Will Also Get a Visit From HimHe plans to deliver it personally.
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    George Zimmerman Painting Up to $100,000 on eBayIt’s a rip-off.
  44. florida man
    George Zimmerman Is Selling His America-Themed Art on eBayLand of the free.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rap-Loving Florida Congressman Busted With CocaineTrey Radel, a white Republican!