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Florida School Shooting

  1. The House’s Post-Parkland School Safety Bill Ignores GunsLawmakers respond to the massacre with a bill to buy more metal detectors.
  2. Has Donald Trump Ever Played a Video Game?Trump is reviving a decades-old debate about violent video games — but has he ever even played Pong?
  3. After Parkland, Florida Lawmakers Pass First Gun Control Bill in DecadesThe bill would raise the gun-buying age, create a three-day waiting period for most gun purchases, and give police more power to take guns away.
  4. Dick’s Sporting Goods Ends Sales of Assault Rifles and High-Capacity Magazines“We know that this isn’t going to make everyone happy,” CEO Edward Stack said.
  5. WSJ Editorial Board Member: Arm Teachers With Stun GrenadesReading, writing, and action-hero reflexes.
  6. Two New Polls Show Widespread Support for Stricter Gun LawsThe same surveys show President Trump dipping in popularity.
  7. Broward Sheriff Boasts of ‘Amazing Leadership’ After School-Shooting FailuresMost Florida House Republicans are now calling for his suspension.
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    The Grief and Rage Outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High SchoolStriking photographs taken at the makeshift memorial where mourners and protesters have converged in Parkland, Florida.
  9. Businesses Cut NRA Ties As Pressure Campaign MountsThe organization is experiencing a rare moment of actual public reckoning.
  10. Trump’s Minor Gun Actions Are Probably All Congress Will AllowThe White House is rolling out tweaks to existing laws, but Republicans in Congress appear resistant to even the mildest gun-control measures.
  11. Armed Officer at Stoneman Douglas Didn’t Enter School During Shooting“He never went in,” Sheriff Scott Israel said.
  12. Activists Seek to Keep Gun-Safety Movement Student-LedGun-control groups and celebrities are offering assistance, but trying not to taint the teens’ grassroots campaign.
  13. Every Brutal Marco Rubio Exchange From the CNN Town Hall on Gun ViolenceWhile they gave him credit for showing up, Parkland survivors took apart his talking points on banning assault weapons and accepting NRA money.
  14. Stoneman Douglas Students March for Gun Control in TallahasseeThey were joined by thousands of students marching in Washington, D.C., and other cities across the country.
  15. Why ‘Red Flag Laws’ Are Gaining Bipartisan Support After ParklandGun-violence restraining orders offer a way to temporarily disarm the mentally ill, based on the concerns of family members and law enforcement.
  16. Could Trump Actually Shift the Gun Debate?He may be uniquely positioned to do so, but his erratic response to the Parkland shooting suggests gun-control advocates should focus elsewhere.
  17. The Stoneman Douglas Students Are the New Faces of Gun ReformTheir fierce moral urgency is the jolt the movement needs.
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    Top GOP Donor Cuts Off Opponents of Assault Weapon BanThe Florida school shooting seems to have moved at least some Republicans to action.
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    Florida School Shooting Survivors Will Lead Nationwide DemonstrationThe teens say the ‘March for Our Lives’ gun-control demonstration will take place on March 24 in every American city.
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    Trump Blames Florida School Shooting on Russia Investigation“It always has to be about you,” one student responded, “how silly of me to forget.”
  21. Rick Scott: The FBI Director Must Resign (for a Mistake He Didn’t Make)The (pro-NRA) governor says Chris Wray must quit because the FBI’s Miami field office failed to pursue a tip about the Parkland shooter.
  22. The FBI Received a Tip on Nikolas Cruz Last Month and Failed to InvestigateThe tipster said Cruz had a “desire to kill people” and warned of a possible school shooting, the FBI says.
  23. As Florida Shooting Survivors Beg for Action, Trump Opts to Lie LowAs with the Rob Porter scandal, it appears his goal is to stay out of the spotlight and wait until the controversy blows over.
  24. People Reported the Florida Shooter, Like Trump Asked. He Still Got a Gun.School officials, police, and even the FBI received repeated warnings about Nikolas Cruz, but they couldn’t legally prevent him from buying firearms.
  25. Guns Make Republicans Feel Safe. So America Can’t Be.The GOP would rather make conservatives feel secure in their worldview than keep Americans safe in their communities.
  26. Trump’s Proposed 2019 Budget Cuts Millions From School-Safety ProgramsA program meant to prevent violence in schools would be cut if Trump’s budget became law.
  27. Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Linked to White Supremacist GroupPolice have not found a connection between Cruz and the hate group.
  28. Trump Scolds Shooter’s Classmates for Failing to Report Him to the PoliceThe president argues that the students of Douglas High could have done more to prevent mass shootings in the United States.
  29. At Least 17 Dead in Florida School ShootingThe suspect, reported to be a former student, is in police custody.