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  1. flying
    United Airlines Settles With Passenger Who Was Dragged Off Overbooked FlightUnited Airlines also announced policy changes Thursday in response to the incident that sparked public outrage.
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    Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked Flight After Refusing to Give Up SeatAnother passenger on the United flight filmed the incident.
  3. flying
    JetBlue JFK Terminal May Get Its Own High LineThere are plans for a rooftop park.
  4. unfriendly skies
    Second Flight Diverted This Week Due to Fight Over Seat ReclineThe Knee Defender wasn’t involved.
  5. unfriendly skies
    Fliers Booted From Plane After Brawling Over Seat ReclineThey got all the legroom they wanted, and then some.
  6. technology
    Free Wi-Fi Is Finally Coming to NYC AirportsFor 30 minutes.
  7. unfriendly skies
    Plane Evacuated After Botched Takeoff in PhiladelphiaResulting in no injuries, one epic selfie.
  8. guantanamo bay
    It Will Now Cost $17,000 to Fly Privately to GuantánamoThe Navy ends commercial service to the base.
  9. Man Tries to Board Flight With a Knife Hidden in a Mayo JarPolice confiscated the knife and mayo and let the man board his flight.
  10. crazy people
    Flying Dutchman Uses Custom Birdwings to Soar Over the HagueHe gets almost as emotional as the Double Rainbow dude.
  11. TSA Apologizes for Alleged Strip SearchAnd oh — she’s 85.
  12. air safety
    Man Stopped at JFK With Brass Knuckles, SwordThat’s not all.
  13. economic indicators
    Your Cost-Effective, Personal Jetpack Is Coming Soon“One of the main advantages of the jetpack is the lower cost as compared to a helicopter.”
  14. hands across america
    The TSA Is Literally Killing Americans With Its Pat-DownsBecause now people will drive, and when people drive, they die a lot more often than when they fly.
  15. weird things
    Piece of Jet Engine Falls in Long Island Family’s YardA 20-lb engine part falls off a Delta jet.