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  1. cultural capital
    Raffaello Follieri’s Big LieYou have to hand it to Raffaello Follieri: He certainly did have a pair of brass ones.
  2. in other news
    Raffaello Follieri Disheveled, Dumb, and Possibly Drugged Out in HearingThe Italian businessman appears in court on opiates and acting weird.
  3. in other news
    The Raffaello Follieri Indictment: The Best BitsThe Raffaello Follieri scandal’s greatest hits.
  4. Court Orders Raffaello Follieri to Pay Publicists for Breach of ContractAnne Hathaway’s boyfriend is in a pickle again, after a D.C. court has ordered him to pay $250,000 to the Carmen Group, the public-relations group that sued him after, ironically, he hired them to help him get over the last lawsuit.