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  1. FBI Close to a Decision on Sharing Exploits¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Rachel Roy Posts Unsubtle Beyoncé-Related PhotoFans are not being kind to “Rachel Roach.”
  3. The Legend of Prince’s Special Custom-Font Symbol Floppy DisksHow do you get magazines and newspapers to suddenly start using a brand-new symbol?
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    What Internet Conspiracy Theories Will Be Revealed on the New $20 Bill?Mo’ money, mo’ secrets.
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    The Xbox 360 Perfectly Encapsulated the Last Decade of Home EntertainmentOne box grew to perform many tasks.
  6. Why Facebook Is Considering Setting Out the Tip JarFacebook’s eyeing another way to send money to content creators.
  7. The Shade Room’s Disappearance Shows the Dark Side of Facebook BenevolenceIn an instant, Facebook can wipe you out.
  8. Why Facebook Bots Stink (So Far)Nothing ever launches without a few glitches.
  9. Senior Citizen Loses Her Chill in Driverless Car[loud, sustained yelping noises].
  10. UC Davis Tried to Hide Its Pepper-Spray IncidentThe Streisand effect strikes again.
  11. Edward Snowden Made a Techno Track; Will He EGOT?Is there anything he can’t do?
  12. Our Legal System Has No Idea How to Handle Computer CrimesA decades-old law turns minor offenses into major crimes.
  13. Sign of the Apocalypse: AMC Might Allow Texting in TheatersOh no, the horror.
  14. Azealia Banks: Jack Dorsey Sent Me Beard Shavings for Supernatural ProtectionOne hell of a pivot.
  15. Vine Star King Bach Made It to The Daily Show“I do have private moments … that I film.”
  16. So It’s Come to This: Playing Flappy Bird on a Vape PenInnovation is everywhere.
  17. What Are Bots? An FAQ for Our Impending TechnofutureHold on to your bots.
  18. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest World-Domination PlansThe bots are coming.
  19. If You Hate Ticketmaster, Soon You’ll Hate It on Facebook, TooThe worst part is: I’ll use it.
  20. If Emoji Are the Future of Communication Then We’re ScrewedSometimes, a grinning face isn’t a grinning face.
  21. This Is What Facebook Live Is For: Blowing Up Watermelons With Rubber BandsWhat does it all mean?
  22. One of Twitter’s New Board Members Has Never Tweeted and That’s GoodHe gets why Twitter isn’t currently appealing.
  23. Elderly Woman Accidentally Prays to Video-Game StatueShe’s probably not the first to do so.
  24. Did Axe Steal ‘Shower Thoughts’ From Reddit?Shower thought: If a big brand … steals an idea … from a media brand … that made its name on stolen stuff … who is the thief?
  25. Fewer Are Posting Personal News on FacebookAn enormous data-mining operation hits a snag.
  26. The FBI Won’t Say Whether iPhone Data Is UsefulMuch ado about probably nothing.
  27. Yahoo, ‘Crap Homepage for the Midwest,’ Is Undergoing a ‘Financial Meltdown‘Hoo boy, Yahoo.
  28. What Facebook Live Is and Why You Should Care Facebook Live is here to stay, because Facebook wants it to, and Facebook gets what it wants.
  29. This Is a Great Story About a Lady Cat-WizardAt least the dog is safe.
  30. WhatsApp Messages Are Now EncryptedLaw enforcement won’t like this.
  31. A Bunch of Websites Migrate to MediumMedium solidifies its purpose.
  32. Why Did The New Republic Tweet ‘F*** Me Daddy’ at Donald Trump?Because it’s funny, duh.
  33. Twitter Grabs Streaming Rights for Thursday Night FootballAre you ready for some tweetball?
  34. The TSA Paid $336,000 for an App That Chooses Between Left and RightYou might say the bill was … sky-high.
  35. Google’s April Fools’ Day Joke Was So Bad They Had to Turn It OffGoogle’s Minions prank backfired, as anything involving the Minions is wont to do.
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    The Best Internet Prank Ever Is This Bizarre Best Coast TorrentWho leaked a fake version of Best Coast’s first album?
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    Shady Casino Bankers Are Funding an Enormous Online Space WarIntricate space economics are funding some serious stuff.
  38. Is Gamergate Figurehead Milo Yiannopoulos Actually 44 Kids in a Trenchcoat?A BuzzFeed report leaks chats from a Slack featuring the Breitbart Tech columnist and the 44 interns who write his speeches.
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    Everything You Need to Know About MiitomoNintendo’s first mobile app is weird as heck.
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    Tidal Claims It Got Tricked Into Buying TidalTidal got swept away.
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    Why Microsoft Is Betting on Chatbots As the Future of ComputingMicrosoft’s bets big on a bevy of bots.
  42. Cops Bust Tumblr Witch Over ‘Boneghazi’Some closure on the last great Tumblr meme of 2015.
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    Why People Are Freaking Out About Annotations OnlineA tool blurs the line between content and commentary.
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    How Twitter Is Making Itself Better for Blind UsersVisually impaired users can now understand images better.
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    You Can Now Make 60-Second Instagram VideosA lot can happen in 60 seconds.
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    The Establishment Does Not Use TwitterSomeone got mixed up.
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    Why Your iPhone’s Links Are Broken in Safari and MailIt’s actually the developers’ fault.
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    Carly Rae Jepsen’s Greatest Hit: This Vine Meme“Run Away With” this “Me”me.
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    New Jersey Lawmaker Wants to Ban Texting While Walking, Which: Good LuckYou can pry my smartphone from my cold, dead hands (after I’m run over by a truck).
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    How to Deal With Instagram’s Coming Algorithm Apocalypse: Do Nothing[Points up and to the right]
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