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Food And Drug Administration

  1. medicine
    There Is a Monkeypox Antiviral. But Try Getting It.What’s standing between suffering patients and proven relief? Reams of government paperwork.
  2. investigations
    The Delay Behind the Monkeypox Vaccine ShortageThe FDA took months to inspect a critical plant in Europe, leaving Americans without enough shots as the outbreak grows.
  3. booster shots
    FDA Panel Recommends Booster Shots for Those 65 and Over, But Not EveryoneThe panel’s vote against authorizing third shots of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for those 16 and over may derail the Biden administration’s booster plan.
  4. vaccine mandates
    FDA Accelerates Timeline for Final Approval of Pfizer VaccineThe regulatory agency reportedly has an unofficial deadline of Labor Day or sooner, clearing potential legal hurdles for some vaccine mandates.