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Food Stamps

  1. coronavirus stimulus
    Tense Negotiations Continue Over Next Round of StimulusDemocrats are hoping that Republicans budge on more money for state and local governments.
  2. state of the union address
    Trump Didn’t “Lift People Off Welfare.” He Cut Them Off.Republicans gave Trump a standing ovation during the State of the Union for slashing aid to the poor.
  3. immigration
    Trump Moves Ahead With Ban on Public Assistance for Legal ImmigrantsIt’s part of a broader assault on immigration and on the social safety net by Team Trump.
  4. welfare
    Trump Will Always Find a Way to Punish the PoorTrump bypasses Congress to propose stricter work requirements for food stamps.
  5. Senate Clears Farm Bill, Setting Up Fight With House GOP Over SNAPDonald Trump is the tiebreaker, and while he’s demagogued about SNAP work requirements, he’s not threatening a veto if they are missing.
  6. GOP Likely to Sneak Cuts to Food Stamps Through the House This WeekThere are still ongoing fights over SNAP work requirements and farm subsidy limits, but one obstacle to the farm bill has fallen.
  7. Farm Bill Defeated in House Over Food Stamp and Immigration IssuesHouse GOP lost Democratic Farm Bill votes by insisting on new SNAP work requirements. Then conservatives took it hostage over an immigration fight.
  8. Trump Demands More Stringent Work Requirements for Food Stamps RecipientsIt’s a great way for Trump to demagogue about shiftless welfare bums without actually making major changes in a popular program.
  9. Moby Has a Take on Food Stamps — and It’s JunkThe vegan electronic musician’s liberal paternalism doesn’t have me SNAPping my fingers.
  10. Trump Wants Big Government to Decide What Poor People Get to EatHis budget would cut aid to food stamp recipients – and replace it with a box of canned goods picked out by D.C. bureaucrats.
  11. After Tax Cut for the Rich, Trump Hopes to Take Food From Poor KidsThe president plans to cut off food aid to low-income children whose parents are unemployed, or test positive for marijuana.
  12. After Trumpcare, Republicans Will Have to Tackle an Even Bigger MessYes, the health-care debacle has stalled budget and tax bills, but Republicans are nowhere close to agreement on the broad outlines of a fiscal plan.
  13. The Trump Budget’s Approach to Welfare Is Based on Discredited DelusionsIf Trump cared about increasing productivity and growth — rather than redistributing wealth upward — he would increase social spending, not cut it.
  14. The Trump Budget Is Really Just a Cynical PloyThe draconian spending cuts will never pass Congress. But Trump is preparing excuses in advance for when GOP tax cuts balloon the deficit.
  15. White House Considers Deporting Legal Immigrants for Being PoorA draft executive order would allow the government to deport visa holders who receive public benefits.
  16. The ‘Steak and Lobster’ Food-Stamp Myth Refuses to DieRight-wing legislators won’t let it go.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Two City Workers Took $2.1 Million From Government, Police SayOne scheme involved $120,000-worth of Red Bull purchases. 
  18. the national interest
    Subsidizing Farmers But Not the Poor Still EvilTurns out there are arguments for this policy. Just not good or even factually true ones.
  19. the racie for gracie
    De Blasio to Live on Minimum Wage After Missing Food-Stamp ChallengeHe came in under budget with a Subway sandwich.
  20. Anthony Weiner Goes on ‘Food-Stamp Diet’“I’m gonna try to find some peanut butter, but that’s, like, $4.50.”
  21. crash diets
    Cory Booker Skips Cipriani for More Canned BeansHis food stamp challenge is not easy, he’ll have you know.
  22. cory booker
    Cory Booker Outlines Food Stamp Challenge, Angers Twitter AntagonistHis tweet “I start on Dec 4” wasn’t a sufficient heads up.
  23. bons mots
    Fox News Pundit Finds the Silver Lining of Having Almost No Money for Food“Do you know how fabulous I’d look?”
  24. cory booker
    Cory Booker May Soon Be Living Off Food StampsThe mayor challenges a fellow Twitter user to a contest.
  25. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Doubles Down on Fingerprints for Food StampsGovernor Cuomo is working to end the requirement, but the mayor is griping.
  26. the third terminator
    New York City Still Requires Fingerprints for Food StampsA new City Council bill puts pressure on Bloomberg to change the rules.
  27. soda
    Bloomberg Attempts To Ban Use Of Food Stamps for SodaAbout 1.7 million of city’s 8 million residents currently on food stamps.