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  1. fore!
    Saxby Chambliss Ruined Bipartisanship With a Hole in OneAll Obama did was watch.
  2. fore!
    Obama Still Being Asked About That Golf GameShockingly, he thinks highly of Tiger Woods’ playing.
  3. fore!
    Obama and Woods Both Won Their Golf GameThey played as a team, and Tiger is stoked.
  4. fore!
    Obama Won’t Say Who Won His Golf Game With Tiger WoodsHe spoke to the press corps, but off the record.
  5. fore!
    White House Reporters Livid After Missing Obama’s Golf Game With Tiger WoodsGolf Digest gets the exclusive.
  6. tragicomedy
    Jack Abramoff Is Having Trouble Finding Someplace to GolfHe applied for a country club membership.
  7. fore!
    At Last, Obama and Boehner Will Share a Round of GolfJune 18. Save the date.
  8. fore!
    John Boehner Wants to Golf With Barack ObamaIt’s a start.