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Foreclosure Crisis

  1. Mnuchin’s Hearing Sparks Arguments About Tax Havens, Foreclosures, and ValiumKey moments from the confirmation hearing of Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary.
  2. Trump’s Treasury Pick Is Ripe for a Public Shaming From Elizabeth WarrenA bank run by Steve Mnuchin broke foreclosure laws, according to a leaked report. Expect hard questions at his confirmation hearing.
  3. Bank of America Declares Living Customer Dead, and Other Bank OopsiesThe most common: accidental foreclosures.
  4. foreclosure crisis
    Banks Agree to $26 Billion Settlement for Defrauding Homeowners [Updated]New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman had been one of the final hold-outs.
  5. happy halloween
    Foreclosure Mill Employees Wore the Worst Halloween Costumes Ever Last YearThey dressed as foreclosure victims.
  6. too big to fail
    Bank of America Invents New MathThey said they reviewed more than 100,000 documents when they really reviewed 1,000.
  7. housing
    The Government Is Not Happy With the Banks and Their Third-Quarter ProfitsThe New York Fed tells the banks to take back their crappy mortgages, while the White House finishes one big investigation and starts another.
  8. wall street
    Wake Up and Smell the Foreclosure CrisisBank stocks plunge after investors (belatedly?) realize the housing market might be royally screwed.