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  1. 2008
    What a Foreclosure-Boat-Tour Operator Saw During the Great Recession“It breaks my heart to see what I had to do to a guy who had nowhere to go.”
  2. not too big to fail
    Homeless-Mocking Foreclosure Firm Shutting DownBoohoo.
  3. princess chunk
    RIP Princess ChunkHe shone briefly, but boy did he shine bright.
  4. florida and the things that go on there
    The Estate That Foreclosure Fees BuiltFlorida has the third-highest residential foreclosure rate in the United States, and no one has benefited from that more than lawyer David Stern.
  5. wall street
    Bank of America Says Bank of America Does Not Make MistakesAfter reviewing over 100,000 documents, it “insisted that it had not found a single example where a foreclosure proceeding was brought in error.”
  6. housing
    Banks Get Slapped Around By Fannie, Freddie, and 40 Attorneys GeneralNext time you kick thousands of people out of their homes, make sure not to make stuff up on the foreclosure documents.
  7. real estate
    Foreclosures Way Down in ManhattanThe current number of first-time home auctions in Manhattan is down 25 percent from this quarter last year, and down 55 percent from the most recent quarter.
  8. mysteries
    Former Merrill Lynch Executive Forced to Declare Bankruptcy Just to Keep a $14 Million Roof Over His HeadHow did things go so wrong for this tan man?
  9. their bad
    Bank of America Accidentally Forecloses on the Wrong HouseOops.
  10. foreclosure
    Renters Getting Screwed By Foreclosure Crisis TooNo one is safe.
  11. the greatest depression
    Victoria Gotti Is the New ‘Face’ of Subprime DebtGetting foreclosed upon could be the best thing to happen to Victoria Gotti.
  12. company town
    Is the New Broadway Esplanade Really Safe?That’s what some people lunching there wonder. Plus, the latest in New York media, finance, and legal news.
  13. in other news
    Princess Chunk Finds Castle of His Own: A Fairy TaleThe famous 44-pound cat has found a home, complete with litter-box castle, in southern New Jersey.
  14. it just happened
    Breaking News: Princess Chunk a Victim of ForeclosureThe mortgage crisis has an adorable, slightly bloated, new mascot.
  15. company town
    There May Be a Day When Port Authority Is Nice to Look AtWe know, we know — dare to dream, right? But there are proposals to build above it, and the renderings look lovely. Plus, news from the finance, law, real estate and media industries, in our daily roundup.
  16. in other news
    Foreclosure Crisis Hits the Hamptons Like a Publicist’s SUVRich people — they’re just like us! Only when their houses are foreclosed upon, they still have a few left that they can live in.