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  1. foreign affairs
    Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Is Already an International IncidentBeijing has issued dark warnings about her prospective visit, Biden isn’t thrilled, and the Speaker doesn’t appear to be backing down.
  2. just asking questions
    What on Earth Is China’s COVID Strategy Now?Nancy Qian on why the country is sticking to its quixotic and damaging attempt to stamp out the virus.
  3. israel
    Is the BDS Movement Too Alienating to Make Real Change?Pro-Palestinian activists have more sway than ever. But social shaming and ad hoc boycotts only go so far.
  4. foreign affairs
    The American Running Rescue Missions in UkraineKathy Stickel has pulled dozens of people out of harm’s way by putting herself in it.
  5. the national interest
    Trump’s One Foreign-Policy Idea Is to Make America More Like Its EnemiesThe president is neither a hawk nor a dove, but an admirer of war criminals and torturers.
  6. foreign affairs
    Bolsonaro Wants Macron Apology Before Accepting Help Fighting Amazon FiresThe demand comes after Macron lashed out at Bolsonaro, who pretty much called the French President’s wife ugly.
  7. foreign affairs
    Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Strongly’ Urging Ukraine to Investigate Joe BidenTrump’s personal lawyer has quietly restarted efforts to pressure Kiev into probing Trump’s personal rivals.
  8. special relationship
    Trump Is ‘Dysfunctional’ and ‘Inept,’ U.K. Ambassador Says in Leaked Cables“We are not big fans of that man,” Trump shot back.
  9. trumplomacy
    What We Know About Trump’s DMZ Meeting With Kim Jong-unTrump met Kim, stepped into North Korea, and is now impatiently waiting for his Nobel Peace Prize.
  10. foreign affairs
    Iran’s President: The White House Is ‘Afflicted by Mental Retardation’Trump isn’t the only world leader who can lob cringeworthy insults.
  11. tariffs
    Trump’s Threatened Tariffs on Mexico: Everything We KnowA 5 percent tariff on all Mexico imports is set to go into effect on Monday, and virtually everyone opposes it.
  12. donald trump
    9 Must-See Moments From Trump’s Bonkers Interview With Piers MorganIncluding his denial of climate change and trying on a bowler hat.
  13. foreign affairs
    Everything That Happened During Trump’s U.K. State VisitHe called out Meghan Markle and insulted London’s mayor. And that was before Air Force One even landed.
  14. business
    Will Corporate America Dump Saudi Arabia Over Khashoggi?Trump may not want to punish them, but CEOs risk alienating customers, investors, and employees if they are seen as condoning the regime’s actions.
  15. foreign policy
    The U.S. Has Blood on Its Hands in Yemen, and Can’t Wash It OffMattis’s threat to reduce support for Saudi-led bombings rings hollow in light of the Trump administration’s broader stance on Mideast arms sales.
  16. foreign affairs
    Turkey’s Economy Is on a Collision Course With Reality, & It’s Not Trump’s FaultErdogan’s easy money policy bought him his popularity, but his reluctance to shore up his currency could tank the Turkish economy.
  17. The Far Right Aims to Take Control of the European Union Next YearHungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban predicts the victory of “illiberal” nationalism over liberalism in 2019’s European parliamentary election.
  18. Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Controversial U.K. VisitFrom attacking London’s mayor to offending various royals, Trump has a contentious history with the Brits. Now they’ll greet him with huge protests.
  19. foreign affairs
    The Brexit Crisis Finally Engulfs the Party That Started ItDavid Cameron’s hubristic Brexit referendum was always bound to end with a disaster for the Tories – and Theresa May appears powerless to stop it.
  20. foreign policy
    Trump Buys Netanyahu’s Bad Case for Abandoning the Iran DealThe Israeli prime minister’s alleged bombshell offered no evidence of Iranian noncompliance and ample reason to keep the nuclear agreement in place.
  21. White House Releases Photos of Mike Pompeo’s Meeting With Kim Jong UnThe now-Secretary of State met with Kim in North Korea over Easter weekend.
  22. Macron Takes Not-So-Subtle Shots at Trump in Speech to CongressOn climate, trade, and multilateralism, the French president made it clear he disagrees with Trump.
  23. foreign policy
    How the U.S. and North Korea Are Preparing for the Trump-Kim SummitAs Trump undercuts the effort with hawkish hires, Kim is making diplomatic overtures to his neighbors — and starting up a new nuclear reactor.
  24. foreign affairs
    Italy’s Election Shows European Populism Isn’t Dead YetAnti-Establishment parties carried the day, but can they govern?
  25. foreign affairs
    North Korea’s Link to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Is Horrific, Yet UnsurprisingThe shipments identified in a U.N. report violate sanctions on both countries and demonstrate just how good these rogue regimes are at evading them.
  26. foreign affairs
    Israel’s War With Iran Comes Out of the ShadowsSaturday’s clash signals that Syria could become the theater for a direct confrontation between two of the most powerful states in the Middle East.
  27. foreign affairs
    Could the Olympics Help Create Peace Between the Koreas?The Games are a rare opportunity for diplomacy between the archenemies. But Mike Pence and others are wary.
  28. foreign affairs
    Cape Town’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning to the WorldMajor cities running dry are a predictable consequence of climate change, population growth, and poor water management.
  29. foreign affairs
    Poland’s Holocaust Law and the Right-Wing Desire to Rewrite HistoryNew restrictions on speech reflect right-wing nationalists’ obsession with whitewashing the crimes of the past.
  30. foreign affairs
    America’s Role in Syria Just Got a Lot More ComplicatedISIS may be in full retreat, but two key U.S. allies are now fighting each other.
  31. foreign affairs
    Germany’s Political Turmoil Is Bad News for EuropeAngela Merkel picked a particularly unfortunate year to have this much trouble forming a government.
  32. foreign affairs
    North Korea Reopens Hotline to South: Breakthrough or Another Ploy?Reestablishing communication could help ease tensions, or drive a wedge between the U.S. and South Korea.
  33. foreign affairs
    What Kim Jong-un’s Mixed Messages Reveal About His 2018 StrategyIn his New Year’s Day address, the dictator offered an olive branch to South Korea, and threatened the West with a “nuclear button.”
  34. a problem like korea
    7 Big Questions About North Korea’s Latest — and Longest — Missile TestSome quick calculations suggest it could have hit New York City. Worried yet?
  35. Mugabe’s Fall Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a Free ZimbabweThose who ousted the president are focused on making Emmerson Mnangagwa their next leader, not on democracy.
  36. foreign affairs
    Zimbabwe Military Takes Over Country, Claims President Mugabe Is ‘Safe’A spokesperson claimed the military is only “targeting criminals around him,” but the Mugabe family’s whereabouts are unknown.
  37. foreign affairs
    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Dangerous Power GrabWith his “anti-corruption” arrests, he consolidated power over Saudi Arabia’s armies, oil, and media. And Trump doesn’t seem to mind.
  38. a problem like korea
    The Real Things Team Trump Is Trying to Accomplish in AsiaBehind the cheesy photo ops and terrifying tweets.
  39. political strategy
    Japan’s Leader Just Showed How Trump Could Win in 2020Not long ago Shinzo Abe’s approval rating was below 30 percent. But he just romped to reelection.
  40. foreign affairs
    Here’s a Crazy Thought: Why Not Just Give Up on Brexit?Prime Minister Theresa May only has bad options at this point. But sacrificing her job for her country is the best among them.
  41. foreign affairs
    Iraqi Forces Seize Kurdish-Held City of KirkukTensions had been high since the Kurds voted for independence from Iraq last month.
  42. foreign affairs
    Why Austria’s Election Should Worry LiberalsIf the “sensible center” can’t come up with a better solution to the refugee crisis, the far right will keep winning.
  43. foreign affairs
    Catalonia’s Independence Drive Is a Critical Stress Test for Spain’s DemocracyOne of Western Europe’s youngest democracies, Spain risks backsliding into authoritarianism, or even civil war.
  44. foreign affairs
    Don’t Be Fooled by Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Let Women DriveIt doesn’t go very far, and the main intent seems to be drumming up good press for an ambitious young Saudi prince.
  45. a problem like korea
    Wait, Are We at War With North Korea Now?Kim Jong Un’s foreign minister said so in no uncertain terms. What now?
  46. foreign affairs
    Angela Merkel Won Reelection, But Is She Still the Leader of the Free World?Sunday’s election results complicate her task of defending liberal democracy from the forces of right-wing xenophobia.
  47. a problem like korea
    Why Kim Jong-un Is Keeping Tensions High With TrumpEven as the U.S. president has been ratcheting down his rhetoric.
  48. foreign affairs
    How Will Trump Handle Putin’s Disappointment?Negotiating a delicate new phase in U.S.-Russian relations.
  49. Venezuela Sees More Bloodshed Amid Widely Condemned ElectionMillions boycotted the vote for who will draft a new constitution, which was seen as an attempt by President Nicolás Maduro to consolidate power.
  50. foreign affairs
    Trump’s Dangerous Game With IranThe nuclear deal was meant to reduce the risk of war. With the president backing away from it, get ready for fireworks.
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