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Fossil Fuels

  1. climate change
    The New Global Climate Deal Is Mostly Hot AirFixing the climate requires cheap clean energy, not cheap words.
  2. the money game
    How Red States Are Trying to Snuff Out Green InvestingNumerous states are launching a messy preemptive strike against so-called ESG efforts by the financial sector to move away from fossil fuels.
  3. energy policy
    Here’s How Biden Can Lower Gas PricesWithout undermining his climate goals.
  4. environment
    Keystone XL Pipeline CanceledThe developer is ending the controversial pipeline project, which would have pumped 800,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil to Nebraska per day.
  5. congress
    Stopgap Spending Deal Ends Government Shutdown ThreatPelosi gave in on farm aid Trump is distributing in exchange for some concessions, relegating spending disputes to a lame-duck session.
  6. business
    Inside the Fossil-Fuel Industry’s Plan to Profit From Climate ChangeI went to one of Shell’s private meetings and took notes.
  7. life after warming
    Jeff Bezos’s $10 Billion Climate Pledge Is Actually TinyJudged by the standards of the climate crisis, the sum is, practically speaking, almost nothing.
  8. Pruitt Flies First Class to Avoid Dealing With the Riffraff in CoachThe EPA administrator not only thinks like an oil exec: he travels like one.
  9. A Few Republican Senators Helped Save an Obama-Era Climate RuleIt prevents the venting of methane — a potent greenhouse gas — at drilling sites.
  10. Methane Emissions Appear Worse Than Anyone ThoughtA new study says the fossil-fuel industry is producing up to 60 percent more methane than previously reported.