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Four Loko

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Rapist Tries Four Loko DefenseSuspect says he can’t remember alleged rape.
  2. inappropriate comparisons
    Ban on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverage Reminds Brooklyn Music Group of 9/11Man, they really liked Four Loko a lot.
  3. buzzkills
    Four Loko Is Back, Without the CaffeineA lot less loko.
  4. marketing
    Chuck Schumer Wants You to Know About a Designer Drug Called ‘Bath Salts’Bath salts are the new Four Loko.
  5. hangovers
    Williamsburg Hipsters Claim Theft When They Should Have Claimed Four LokoDon’t do the Four Loko time, if you’re gonna claim a crime.
  6. commenter sourcing
    How Did You Spend Your Hangover?Most of us spent it looking at screens.
  7. booze news
    Today Is the Last Day for New York Stores to Stock Up on Four LokoAnd New Year’s is three weeks away!
  8. blackout in a can
    Assemblyman Felix Ortiz Vomits Four Loko, for the ChildrenBless your heart.
  9. blackout in a can
    National Four Loko Prohibition Set to Begin at Any MomentThe FDA will ban it across the country, Chuck Schumer says.
  10. blackout in a can
    Deli Worker: My Best Four Loko Customers Are High-School KidsOf course they are.
  11. drinking
    New Yorkers Have Approximately One More Month to Get Drunk on Four LokoAfter that, we’re Loko-less.
  12. drinking
    Chuck Schumer: No Four Loko for You, New YorkEarn them the hard way, like the rest of us.
  13. bike kill
    Bike Kill 2010: Anarchy in a Bed-Stuy Parking Lot“Tonight, we bathe in Four Loko!”