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  1. checking in
    You Might Not Be Checking In on Foursquare, But Foursquare Is Checking In on YouThe company has become a data-harvesting success story — and is still trying to figure out whether that’s “cool or creepy.”
  2. leap second
    Leap Second Gave the Internet a Really Bad HeadacheIt knocked out a dozen or so major websites.
  3. barack obama
    President Obama Is Joining FoursquareWhat’s next, Farmville?
  4. party like it’s 1999
    Foursquare Just Unlocked Its Tech-Bubble BadgeIt’s now worth $550 to $600 million.
  5. the future is coming
    New York City Government — Now With WiFi and More Social MediaMayor Bloomberg offers a plea for reporters to be less ridiculous.
  6. the future is coming
    Facebook Wants to Sell You Movies As Tech Companies Get Serious About Making Guap [Updated]Gimme gimme more gimme gimme more.
  7. modern love
    Facebook Makes It Hard to Get Over Your Ex, Says AmericaWell, duh.
  8. the future is coming
    Brooklyn Nerd Boys Invite Everyone With a Smartphone Over for New Year’sCheck in at their Greenpoint geek pad.
  9. the future is coming
    Foursquare’s Christmas Party Was One Big, Boozy Pat on the BackAin’t no shame in being a tech start-up.
  10. the future is coming
    Fake Mayors of Foursquare, Your Days Are NumberedThey’re onto your mobile web games.
  11. the future is coming
    They Are Serious About Making iPhone Apps Into TV Shows NowCongratulations, Foursquare!
  12. the future is now
    Four Million People Around the World Are Now ‘Checking In’ on FoursquareThe very chic Wijono S. of Jakarta, Indonesia, marks the milestone.
  13. foursquare
    Foursquare Down for Over Nine Hours MondayNo word as to what caused the outage.
  14. viral culture
    Now You Can Be the Mayor of the STD Clinic!Foursquare makes a badge that lets your friends know where you’ve been.
  15. the future is coming
    What Are the Most Frequently ‘Checked-In’ Spots in New York City?Checked-in on Foursquare, we mean.
  16. the future is coming
    Nice Try, Zuckerberg: Why Facebook Places Won’t Kill FoursquareFoursquare isn’t dead yet.
  17. foursquare
    Meet the People Who Want to Be Mayor of Your ApartmentThe four Foursquare mayors of the apocalypse.
  18. the future is coming
    Hot New Status Symbol for City Technophiles: A 212 Area Code“212 numbers are the new rent-controlled apartments.”
  19. apps
    Popular Foursquare Prompts Antisocial NetworkingHow to avoid people who use Foursquare.
  20. trend-lifestyles
    Times Piece Ignores the Fact That Foursquare Is for BoozehoundsRight, users of the popular mobile app are having a lot of “coffee drinks” at “Starbucks.”