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Fourth Of July

  1. fourth of july
    Trump Is Throwing a Mount Rushmore Fireworks Show. What Could Go Wrong?Between the coronavirus and potential for wildfires, experts are warning that the Friday night’s event could spell trouble.
  2. celebrations
    What We Know About Trump’s Second Annual July 4th CelebrationAfter a fireworks show above Mount Rushmore, Trump will head back to D.C. for more fireworks and flyovers.
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    What You Missed at Trump’s July 4th SpectacularRain, protests, and an odd remark about Revolutionary War airports.
  4. fourth of july
    Everything We Know About Trump’s July 4 EventThe “Salute to America” is really a salute to Donald Trump.
  5. intelligencer chats
    Is Trump’s Fourth of July Spectacle Un-American?Intelligencer staffers discuss whether it’s more in line with American tradition than we might want to admit.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Is Packing the July 4 Fireworks Because He’s Afraid of Getting BooedA president who rarely goes out in public faces the possibility of hostile crowds.
  7. Woman Climbs Statue of Liberty to Protest Family Separations, Island Shut DownThousands of tourists were cleared from the monument on July 4. After a three-hour standoff, the NYPD helped the woman down and arrested her.
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    You Don’t Have to Instagram Those FireworksA Fourth of July plea.
  9. talking about the weather
    Hurricane Arthur Strengthens, But Your July 4th Looks Mostly SafeHe’s a hurricane now. 
  10. talking about the weather
    Hurricane Arthur Will Try Its Best to Ruin Your Fourth of July WeekendBut it probably won’t (unless you live in the Carolinas).
  11. bill de blasio’s new york
    Fourth of July Fireworks Redistributed to the Outer BoroughsAfter five years on the Hudson, the show will return to the East River.
  12. national tragedies
    How Sequestration Is Ruining the Fourth of JulyThe U.S. will see slightly fewer explosions.
  13. let’s get graphical
    The Many Body Parts We Will Accidentally Blow Up With Fireworks TomorrowPretty much every body part you can think of. 
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bloomberg Explains the Fourth of July Is Always a BloodbathNew Yorkers have a funny way of celebrating our nation’s birth.
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    Americans Feel Less Patriotic About Midweek Fourth of JulyStars and stripes forever — except not on Wednesdays.
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    Rich People Will Get a Better View of NYC Fourth of July FireworksAmerica!
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    New Jersey Gets to Watch the Fireworks This YearFor the first time in nine years, the Fourth of July display will take place on the Hudson. But have we disenfranchised Queens and Brooklyn?