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  1. 2020 elections
    Trump Pit Bull Doug Collins Jumps Into the Georgia Senate Race, Dividing the GOPAppointed GOP senator Kelly Loeffler has a 2020 opponent who is manifestly Trumpier than she is.
  2. donald trump jr.
    Donald Trump Jr. Thinks His Rust Belt Boarding School Made Him a Regular GuyHis father went to a Pennsylvania Rust Belt school, too, called Wharton!
  3. war crimes
    Will Trump Go Nixonian With Clemency for American War Criminals?Trump is reportedly mulling clemency for several men accused of war crimes, reminiscent of Nixon beneficiary William Calley.
  4. racism
    Former Trump Adviser Uses Racist Slur to Attack Black Guest on Fox NewsTrump’s former deputy campaign manager, David Bossie, told black Democratic strategist Joel Payne that he was out of his “cotton-picking mind.”
  5. fair and balanced
    Fox & Friends Host Calls Trump a ‘Dictator’The anchor momentarily referred to the authoritarian-curious Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “the two dictators.”
  6. Trump Evinces Interest in a ‘DACA for Wall’ DealAs moderates try to push protections for Dreamers through the House, the president suggests he could support a bill if it “includes a wall.”
  7. Giuliani Accidentally Confirms That Stormy Payment Was IllegalRudy argues that the hush payment couldn’t have been a campaign finance violation because it wasn’t politically motivated; then, reveals that it was.
  8. Officials Confirm That Trump Bombed Syria to Validate His TweetsMattis asked Trump to seek congressional approval for the strike. But he wanted to be “seen as backing up a series of bellicose tweets with action.”
  9. Fox Host Mocks the Very Idea of Health InsuranceBrian Kilmeade says the same dumb thing Paul Ryan said a few months ago.
  10. Sebastian Gorka Disagrees With His Own Government’s Terrorism StatisticsA Fox News appearance offers a glimpse at an important fracture in the White House that could have serious consequences for the nation.
  11. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Host Throws an Ax at a SoldierThat looks painful.
  12. bloopers
    Fox News Host Congratulates ‘NAACP’ National ChampsNaturally, basketball + Fox News = a discussion of race.
  13. america’s sweeheart
    Sarah Palin Loves the Lamestream Media When It Defends Her HonorAmerica’s Sweetheart responds to Martin Bashir’s resignation.
  14. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Hosts Clearly Didn’t Read Sarah Palin’s Christmas BookSteve Doocy’s favorite part was the first sentence. 
  15. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Spreading Misinformation About Animals NowChyron claims the bird was “extinct.”
  16. great moments in fox news
    Fox Anchor Apologizes for Muslim Museum StoryFox & Friends strikes again. 
  17. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Host Assumes Hispanic Co-Worker Is Taco ExpertCode Derp! Code Derp!
  18. cable news news
    Guess Which Cable-News Morning Show Loves Ambien MostNot ‘Fox & Friends’!
  19. great moments in fox news
    Fox & Friends Thinks Anyone Who Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ Is a TerroristJohn McCain can’t even believe how stupid ‘Fox & Friends’ is.
  20. great moments in cable news
    Fox Host Hit Baby in Face With a BasketballSigh. 
  21. fauxtrage
    Laura Ingraham Has the World’s Worst ImaginationShe can’t even imagine what people would say if Fox News hosts met with President Bush, which is something that happened.
  22. fox & friends
    Fox & Friends Possibly Unaware of GoogleThey got another easily checkable thing wrong this morning.
  23. cable news news
    Twentysomething Embarrasses Fox & Friends, Himself [Updated]Funny in theory, awkward in practice.
  24. fox news watch
    Fox & Friends Grills Little Girls About Who Built Their Lemonade Stand“You didn’t build that” is so rude.
  25. crazy like a fox
    Beret-Mocking on Fox & Friends Goes Horribly Awry“Should the American [Olympic] team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap?”
  26. islamophobia
    Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends: ‘All Terrorists Are Muslims’Here we go.
  27. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Would Make Fun of Fox & Friends Every Day If He CouldAnd he keeps tabs on the blogosphere.
  28. in other news
    Did a Fox News Anchor Pull a Ron Burgundy?He is not Steve Doocy, despite his claims.
  29. 21 questions
    It Takes a Gin Martini to Turn Off the Bill O’Reilly Voice Inside Steve Doocy’s HeadThe ‘Fox & Friends’ host fills out our patented New York questionnaire.
  30. in other news
    Jon Stewart to FNC’s Gretchen Carlson: Stop Playing DumbGraduating with honors from Stanford is nothing to be ashamed of, hun!